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Unseen Westeros Exhibition coming to Berlin in January 2019



October 2nd, 1:56am October 2nd, 1:56am Abhinav Pathak22, Game of Thrones geek, Passionate Fiction Writer and the author of ‘Gopalkant’s Wife’.

It’s only been a month since the yearly Winterfell festival that took place at Castle Ward in Northern Ireland on September 16. But, are you up for another event – this time at Berlin for an unseen experience of a lesser known Westeros by 40 artists from the original series who will collaborate to illustrate the origins of Westeros and exhibit them?

The exhibition will take place in January 2019 and the visitors will get a chance to get know more about lesser mentioned parts of George RR Martin, Elio M. Garcia Jr. and Linda Antonsson’s created known world of The World of Ice and Fire including Essos, Ulthos, and Sothoryos. The official press release of the 5-day event reads:

“Over 3 years, 44 artists developed the unseen world of “Westeros.” Till now, there has not been any project where so many Game of Thrones artists worked together on one production. The exhibition shows only places of the World of Ice and Fire, which have not been seen yet.

Most artists were involved in the development of the world of Game of Thrones since the first season. Their works have been awarded 6 Emmys. Here at the exhibition, they show you a completely new world. Be prepared to dive into a world of fascination, excitement, and new histories.”

Other highlights of the event include:

A Historical Venue:

The exhibition is happening for the first time in a place which was previously not open for visitors. The venue is at Umspannwerk in Reinickendorf, Berlin which is a 200-year-old complex of buildings with over 6000m2 of space and a huge system of catacombs. Every room of the exhibition will be staged in a different manner with a new sound effect for each.

Entry absolutely free:

That’s correct! The event won’t cost you any money.


An Audio Guide:

An audio guide will help the viewers with a deeper insight into all artworks put on display. Moreover, visitors can get access to tracking marking for all paintings using their smartphones.

The Artists:

The exhibition will feature a number of artists who have long played a part in making Game of Thrones a success including Sven Sauer, Tobias Mannewitz, Phillipp Scherer, Floris Didden, Robert Simon, Rene Borst, Max Rieb, Adam Fidelski, Marco Wilz, Felix Haas, Eve Ventrue, Dziga Kaiser, Benjamin Nowak, Adam Wesierski, and Falk Boje.

The exhibition is a joint venture of George R.R. Martin and the publishing house PENHALIGON – issued in their approval and cooperation. The exhibition has even launched a teaser of its own:

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How excited are you for this new event? Tell us in the comments section down below.

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