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UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett calls Game of Thrones showrunners “Pair of b*llends” for the finale controversy




Not everyone enjoyed the eighth season of Game of Thrones. The fan base was divided in half by the season finale. A season remake was sought by one, while the other was happy with how things ended. The lack of George R. R. Martin’s next book series was cited by some as the cause. Others placed the blame on the showrunners’ increased desire to work with Disney’s Lucasfilm to produce a Star Wars feature picture trilogy at the same time. One of those fans was UFC champ Paddy Pimblett.

Paddy Pimblett calls out Game of Thrones showrunners for ruining it after Season 6

Game of Thrones had its highs and lows, but ardent fans began to notice a gradual decline in quality after Season 6. In a recent press conference, Pimblett was asked how he felt about Game of Thrones, to which he replied:

“It’s the best series ever made up until like Season 6, and then them two assholes who made it absolutely ruined it to go make Star Wars … D&D … Pair of bellends”


Lena Headey wanted a different ending for Arya and Cersei

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Headey played one of the most despicable characters on Game of Thrones, and unlike the showrunners, knew exactly how the viewers felt about her. In a recent interview, she revealed how she wanted her character to die,

“I think all of us did, to be honest, because you start trying to write the story yourself. And [Arya Stark actress Maisie Williams] and I would fantasize about a Cersei and Arya showdown; that she would come back as Jaime. That was our dream. But they made different choices.”


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