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The recent HBO leak has confirmed who’s playing Rhaegar Targaryen on Game Of Thrones



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August 16th, 10:39pm August 16th, 10:39pm Nidhi Goswami20-year- old unpopular writer with mad fangirl skills.

We recently shared a post that revealed how fans might have figured out who would be playing Rhaegar Targaryen on Game of Thrones season 7. This comes after the possibility of a flashback marriage scene involving Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark that might appear in this season. Following up to confirm this theory was the fact that in the latest episode, Eastwatch, we saw Gilly reading a book where it was stated that Rhaegar annulled his marriage to Elia Martell and had a secret marriage in Dorne. Now as we all are aware, there has been a long-standing confusion about whether Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna and got her pregnant with Jon Snow. Based on this new information that Samwell so conveniently overlooked, Jon has a strong claim to the Iron Throne because he is now most definitely a legitimate Targaryen born of marriage.

Now that such an important plot point has been sneaked in, the possibility of the marriage scene being a part of one of the following two episodes is even higher. And the latest HBO leak has confirmed it. There was a speculation based on some tweets that the British actor Wilf Scolding would be playing the role of Rhaegar Targaryen. And now, a Reddit post about the HBO leak where a security breach took place has confirmed that Wilf is the person who will be playing Rhaegar.

“Its in the HBO leaked file, we cant show full image because there’s personal information. But he’s on the list under ‘Rhaegar’,” the Reddit post says.

Now if this scene does make it onto the show to confirm our much too assured assumption, it could prove whether Lyanna willingly took part in this marriage or if Robert’s rebellion was in fact based on the kidnapping of this certain Lady Stark. Let’s hope to see this scene in the upcoming episode so we can rest easy knowing that we’ve finally seen the person who singlehandedly affected a majority of the plot of Game of Thrones.

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