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The Last of Us showrunner talks about his favorite scene from Season 1




The second season of HBO’s mega-hit The Last of Us is now in pre-production. There is no denying that the series has exceeded many expectations, making it one of HBO’s most costly yet undoubtedly successful projects. The first season gave fans a number of favorite episodes, even the showrunner has a few picks he considers to be the best.

Craig Mazin talks about his favorite scene from The Last of Us

The Last of Us showrunner Mazin recently sat down to chat with THR and recalled, “I have a certain place in my heart for a scene in the last episode that I ended up shooting because our director had gotten COVID. It’s the scene where Joel reveals to Ellie why he has that scar on his head.

She says, “Time heals all wounds.” And he says, “It wasn’t time that did it.” I’m particularly proud of that scene because, first, it’s simple — it’s two people talking, which is my favorite. They’re not even moving when it gets really good, so everything else goes away and it’s just about their connection.”

Craig Mazin is proud of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s performances

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Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey constitute the lifeline of The Last of Us. Mazin said, “I’m so proud of the performance that Pedro and Bella delivered in that moment. It was also the third-to-last day of shooting, so it was the culmination of a calendar year of shooting and the culmination of the work that they had done with each other as professionals, but also as human beings. It was so real and it was so beyond. I just love it.”

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