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Take a look at the stunning beach in Spain where Game of Thrones season 7 will be filmed

Game of Thrones has filmed in some amazing locations of the world so far, be it Northern Ireland, Croatia, or Spain. This year, for season 7, Game of Thrones has chosen some of the most exotic and beautiful locations of Spain, which surely will turn out to be completely mesmerizing on screen once the show airs. Although a lot of people in Spain who are in the know of the filming aren’t aware of a lot of details, a beach known asMuriola Beachwill be used for filming some of the scenes.

The tourism website describes the picturesque beach as being“in a small cove facing east and protected by cliffs of great beauty, a wild sandy area” that is “the ideal place to those who seek a quiet atmosphere.”

Check out some of the pictures of this ethereal location that might make it into Game of Thrones season 7 and all of it’s epic nature.



Despite not knowing the exact details, speculation suggests that this beach is where Daenerys’s fleet will land upon reaching Westeros.

Whether or not Daenerys’ fleet arrives at this location, it will surely be a delight to watch this stunning beach on screen!


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