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Stormborn becomes the second most-viewed episode of Game Of Thrones till date!



Game of Thrones is known as the most popular show on the planet, getting consistently amazing ratings, as well as being the most pirated show on the planet. Last week, Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered with ‘Dragonstone‘, which beat all ratings records of the show to get 10.1 million viewers, as we had reported. This Sunday, the second episode, titled ‘Stormborn‘, aired to ratings which were just a bit short of best, making it the second most viewed episode of the show, yet. Read on!

A new report by Zap2It says that ‘Stormborn,’ got 9.27 million viewers, making it the second highest-rated episode in the history of Game of Thrones. That’s not it. The list shows the top episodes of this Sunday, and Stormborn beat the second one on the list ‘Phelps v/s Shark’ which aired on Discovery channel, by getting almost twice as much views as it. That’s a lot! HBO‘s Dwayne Johnson starrer TV Series, Ballers, grabbed the fourth spot on the list, albeit with views which were about a fourth of that of Game of Thrones. So all in all, a great Sunday for HBO!

Season 7 seems to be going really well for Game of Thrones. Since this season is pegged to be better than before, and to have lesser episodes, we will not be surprised if the season finale ends up hitting the 15 million viewers mark. However, viewers aren’t the only numbers Game of Thrones helped HBO with. Variety also reported that the White Walker Snapchat fliter became the most popular TV-sponsored filter, with over 45 million people using it, and gathered over 120 million impressions in total.

So it looks like Game of Thrones is hitting new highs this time around, with Season 7. Which records do you want to see it breaking? Tell us in the comments, down below!

H/T: Winter is Coming

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