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Sophie Turner did Joe Jonas' makeup during quarantine and showed it off on Instagram



Life is an arena full of diverse chores, some that we choose, some that we have to do. The current period of social distancing and self-isolation has brought forth what we always seemed to lack, Time! People who were earlier very busy now have a lot of spare time. Different people are choosing to spend it in different ways. Our lovely Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) has been a constant in showing us fun ways to pass our time during this quarantine. And she has come up with yet another beautiful activity. Sophie did her husband, Joe Jonas’ makeup and flaunted it on Instagram.

Turner posted photos on her Instagram stories, showing off Joe’s makeover. In the first of the two, the Jonas Brothers’ member can be seen with an eyeshadow of pinkish-purple color around his eyes. “He finally let me do his makeup,” Sophie captioned it. The amount of color looks just right, making it stylish as well as classy. The Queen in the North certainly follows the rule, less is more!

In the second photo, Joe Jonas offers his side profile, and we see a hint of glitter on his temples (sides of the head). An excited Sophie went gaga over her own work here, writing, “That highlight”. Again, it’s only a bit of that glitter that’s doing the magic. The English actress has indeed got some serious fashion skills. Moreover, it seems Sophie has chosen a perfect model for herself; as Joe has posed with great poise in both the pictures. The second photo also revealed that he was probably busy playing a videogame on his console, while she clicked the photos.

It looks like the couple is enjoying their time together. Sophie had recently told us more about her quarantine days during a video chat with TV host Conan O’Brien. There, we found out that Joe is doing a stay-at-home DJ bit on Instagram; whereas Sophie dresses him up for his online sets and also pours drinks for her singer-songwriter husband. Sophie’s online activities have made us imagine the Jonas-Turner household as a place of merrymaking.

The duo tied the knot in two marriage ceremonies last year, and are reportedly expecting their first child in the middle of this year’s summer. With all the fun and games, we expect the baby to be happy and healthy.

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