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Solly McLeod (Joffrey) recalls being sick while filming his death scene in House of The Dragon



The Targaryens are right in the heart of a huge storm that is developing in the Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon. Even though it ended tragically, the Targaryen wedding ceremony in Season 1 Episode 5 was as grand as one could ever dream. However, it wasn’t as fun to film for the actor who played Joffrey Lonmouth, Solly McLeod.

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Solly McLeod was sick while filming Joffrey’s death

In his recent chat with Decider, Mcleod recalled filming the intense scene, “I had a cold when we were filming that scene and I was kind of bunged up — but it wasn’t COVID because we were tested — but I did have a cold and it hurt to move my head too quickly. So I was there being punched, having to move my head. I didn’t have to act very much to be uncomfortable.”

Fabien Frankel is easy to work with

McLeod also went on to praise his co-star, Fabien Frankel, who plays Criston Cole, “Me and [Fabien] had a nice kind of relationship when we were on set. After every time I got up from being punched to death, we have a big hug in front of everyone. Like, ‘it’s all good.’ You just have to do that thing otherwise it starts getting, it’s like, ‘Do you really hate me?’”

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