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Richard Madden compares response to his character in ‘Bodyguard’ to ‘Game of Thrones’



Former Game of Thrones star Richard Madden who played the role of Robb Stark until the third season in the series has gained a lot of popularity from his latest BBC thriller ‘Bodyguard’. But, Richard still has much to talk about the TV series which was a major kick to his acting career. Read on.

Game of Thrones Season 8 is finally airing in April 2019 which is just a few months away – a big relief to all of us who are eyeing for it. And, as the new season comes closer, more and more interviews of cast and crew members emerge who talk about the show and tease its ending. This time it’s Richard Madden who spoke about the same to the Variety.

A series of questions were put forward like his experience playing his character in Bodyguard and the challenge of shooting a suicide scene in it followed by a couple of questions related to Game of Thrones. Upon being asked if there is something he wants to see from Game of Thrones before it ends, a subtle reply came from the actor:

“There’s nothing I want to see. … I think they’ve done it so well, in terms of the amount of time we’ve had “Game of Thrones” and are sitting with it. I think it’s great to come to a great end on this and not run it out for another five years — as much as I could watch another five years of it.”

Madden’s role in Bodyguard – critically acclaimed after his major role in Game of Thrones is a major push to his career and word has it that he’s about to become the new face for James Bond. Madden has his own way of comparing the responses to ‘Robb Stark’ from Game of Thrones and ‘David Budd’ from Bodyguard. He says:

“People are really engaged with me on “Bodyguard,” which is interesting, and people are heartbroken for this man and where he was in his life. I suppose nothing is going to be the same as the reaction to the Robb Stark death, which is a great way to die, and a lot of people are still very heartbroken by that.”

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