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Pilou Asbæk says Euron Greyjoy knows he's going to die, and that his death will be 'spectacular'



Game of Thrones has had some spectacular characters over the years, and some of the best written ones have been the villains. Last season, we saw Ramsay Bolton meet his end, and as soon as that happened, we began wandering who would be filling in for the maniac in Season 7, and with two episodes in, I’m sure we have our answer : Euron Greyjoy. Played by Pilou Asbæk, the turn that his character has taken this season from mildly bad to just downright insane, has been amazing. In the last episode, we saw Euron attack the Iron fleet held by Yara Greyjoy, and there was so much violence, that Euron seemed to be thoroughly enjoying. Pilou Asbæk recently spoke toVarietyabout his character, his death prospects, and more. Read on!

Now, you might have felt like the Euron Greyjoy this season is a different guy. Pilou was asked if he played him differently. He replied :

“No, I’m actually doing what I did in [Season] 6 as well. I’ve always considered him to be a comedian. He was very different on the bridge than he was in the throne room, than he was at the Kingsmoot. To me he’s one of those sociopaths that can transform. He adapts to the environment that he’s in. He’s a survivor. You can say there’s been an update in the costume department.”

He also spoke about the brand new costume :

“I had a long discussion with Michele [Clapton, costume designer] and Dan and David [Weiss and Benioff, showrunners] before we started the season. I said, “Guys, we’ve established Euron. Now let’s show a guy who doesn’t give a s—. Let’s just show a guy who walk in and goes, ‘F— all of you. I want the power. And none of you can do anything about it, because I am the best.’” I wanted to be Conor McGregor — before he lost.”

He then spoke about how he felt free while playing Euron, comparing himself to a kid in a candy store, and then said that Euron knows that he will be meeting his end :

“He knows his time is spare. He knows he’s going to die at one point. And if you ask me, it’s probably going to be spectacular. I hope so. But right now, he’s in for a ride.”

He then was asked if he thought that Yara Greyjoy should have been looking out for Euron’s fleet, rather than downstairs, making out with Ellaria Sand. Pilou said :

“Why the f— would you want to be on a cold deck where it’s probably raining, when you can sit with a hot chick below deck and kiss her? I think it answers itself. I know there’s been a little bit of discussion about if they should have been more aware. But the flaws that we have as human beings are the flaws that make a story interesting. If we were 100% correct, we wouldn’t have movies. People have complained that it’s not realistic. Seriously, guys, we have dragons. But I love the discussions, because they’re among the fans. When people discuss things, it’s because they care.”

So, where do you think Euron Greyjoy heading? How do you think he will die? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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