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Mysterious trailer for 'Westeros' shows Game of Thrones set in the present time



Game of Thrones is a brilliant show, no doubt, and it is based on a brilliant set of books. The story is arguably the best of fantasy, ever, and the show is more popular than anything else right now. However, what if the show were to be set in the current age, rather than the medieval ages? Ever wondered what a BBC Sherlock-ish take on the show would look like? All the characters, settings, and the core of the story adapted into the present? A new trailer for a series named ‘Westeros‘ now shows us exactly that, and we are beyond excited! Read on!

The trailer showed up on a YouTube channel named Westeros The Series, which now has about 700-odd subscribers, while the trailer has over 200k views by now. Check it out, below :

We love the approach. The trailer promises a 2019 release. We just hope the show doesn’t hit any major copyright bumps. We could all use a good ol’ fan-made spin-off to help deal with Game of Thrones withdrawal when it ends. What about you? What did you think of the trailer? Yay or nay? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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