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More Game of Thrones lead cast members show up at Seville, Spain




Game of Thrones is currently filming for Season 8, and as we know, the possibly final leg of filming is currently undergoing, at different locations, one of which is Italica, in Seville, Spain, which seems to be shifting into the spotlight now. As you might remember, Italica is where the Dragonpit set is located, so we’re currently here with an update on Dragonpit scenes in Season 8, and a lot more of the lead cast members have showed up. Read on!

Now, we recently reported about how Maisie Williams is in town, and it looks like she’s not the only one. Maisie recently put up an Instagram story of her on-screen sister, and real life bestie, Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark :

That’s not all. We’re just getting started. Next up in town, is Peter Dinklage, who plays the role of Tyrion Lannister on the show:

Followed by his big bro Jaime, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau:

From Joe Weaver:

— Crown_For_A_King (@Crown_ForAKing) May 10, 2018

Looks like there’s even more cast members, and showrunners in town, as well:

From Joe Weaver:

— Crown_For_A_King (@Crown_ForAKing) May 10, 2018


Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Isaac Wright e Joe Dempsie na locação, Arya e Gendry vão se encontrar, eu vou gritaaaaaaaaaar. ELES ESTÃO NO MESMO LUGAR PRA GRAVAR


— MayaFraser ⭙? (@DevaneiosMaya) May 9, 2018

From Joe Weaver:

— Crown_For_A_King (@Crown_ForAKing) May 10, 2018

We can see showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, as well as Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark), Joe Dempsie (Gendry), and John Bradley (Samwell Tarly). But wait, there’s even more stars around! Check out these pictures:

Jaqen H’Gar in Seville Spain @WatchersOTWall @WiCnet @GoTlikeLocation #GameOfThrones

— Joe Weaver (@jorywea) May 9, 2018

Its Faye Marsay????? WTF?????

— S. (@patomty02) May 9, 2018

Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’ghar) and Faye Marsay (The Waif) are surprise additions to this bunch, and might be the producers’ ways of throwing us off the spoiler train. The bunch has a couple more stars we spotted. Check out the pictures:

Parece que ya es una tradición: rodaje en #Sevilla de #JuegoDeTronos ?? cast invitado al Sánchez Pizjuán ? Primero contra el Barca y hoy contra el Madrid @Sevillismo @Los7Reinos

— Alma Alanís (@almajefi) May 9, 2018

Yes, Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos), Conleth Hill (Varys), and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth), are present as well. So is the Night King! Vladimir Furdik is in the area, and in that picture, at the left. See more:

Vladimir Furdik (the Night King) in Seville. From Watchers on the Wall:

— Crown_For_A_King (@Crown_ForAKing) May 9, 2018

The body-doubles for Sophie Turner and Peter Dinklage are also in the area:

Looks like things are about to get amped up. What do you guys think will go down at Dragonpit? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


Game of Thrones prequel series Bloodmoon was ordered by HBO for a pilot, which means that the show is now filming, even though it’s for just one episode. Now, we have previously reported about the show’s ongoing filming, but today we have a familiar development on the sets. Read on!

As you might know, Bloodmoon is filming in Northern Ireland, as we expected it to. We also recently talked about the show’s simultaneous filming at Gaeta, Italy, and how we could have gotten what is possibly the first look at Naomi Watts in her character costume. There was another confirmation of her presence at the Italy shoots:

#new ?| Naomi with fans in Gaeta, Italy
(shared by chiara_macari on Instagram)

— naomi watts source (@nwattsource) July 16, 2019

Moving back to the Northern Ireland sets, we have a bigger development. The sets we have seen till now have mostly looked like parts of a big cave rig, and now a Weirwood tree has popped up on the sets:

22/06/2019 Titanic Studios

— A Red Priestess (@a_red_priestess) July 16, 2019

We knew the Children of the Forest were going to be a part of the storyline, so as such it’s not a surprise to see a Weirwood tree pop up. What do you guys think? Excited yet? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

Game of Thrones finally ended after an almost decade long run, and HBO isn’t wasting any time. The first approved prequel series to the show had begun the early stages of production recently, with the working title of ‘Bloodmoon‘. The show had begun filming in Northern Ireland, but reports are now saying that the show is also filming in Italy. Read on!

The official source for Game of Thrones news, Entertainment Weekly revealed that the filming on the pilot episode of the Game of Thrones prequel, Bloodmoon, has “quietly begun” in Northern Ireland. We also had some exclusive pictures of the locations being prepared for filming. Now, filming news for the show is coming from the Italian town of Gaeta, at Grotta del Turco, where the prequel is filming, according to local news outlet Il Messaggero:

Giù per 300 gradini si scende alla Grotta del Turco per ammirare i bei riflessi verdi e turchesi del mare di #Gaeta

— Visit Lazio (@visit_lazio) August 22, 2015

The place matches what we have seen in Northern Ireland, where the filming will be in cave-like environments. A cave rig has also been built at the Titanic Studios at Belfast.

I think it looks like a mini cave system

— A Red Priestess (@a_red_priestess) June 10, 2019

This is the first time for Westeros to find a location in Italy, with Spain being the closest it ever got.

In case you don’t remember, the prequel is helmed by Jane Goldman, along with George R. R. Martin. S. J. Clarkson has been hired to direct the pilot. The show has an ensemble cast starring Naomi Watts, Naomi Ackie, Denise Gough, Miranda Richardson, Josh Whitehouse, Jamie Campbell Bower, Sheila Atim, Ivanno Jeremiah, Alex Sharp and Toby Regbo.

The pilot will decide whether the show gets picked up for full production. Bloodmoon is expected to air in late 2020 or early 2021. We’ll be updating you about the prequel as it progresses.

Are you excited yet? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


Game of Thrones ended but has opened up new possibilities for the prequel series with the working title ‘Bloodmoon‘ whose pilot filming is under progress. While the last week we reported the cast and crew members gathering in Belfast for filming, today we bring you more new updates regarding the production of the new series, featuring some exclusive images.

First of all, for the ones who are already familiar with the ‘pink’ signboards Game of Thrones originally used for guiding the cast members to the filming locations, new signboards have emerged in Belfast this time orange in colour and with a new logo of mammoths. We’ve already seen a mammoth in the Wildling Army during the episode ‘The Watchers on the Wall’ in Season 4, and this logo suggests that we will definitely see more of them in the new series. Take a look:




Secondly, the Marble Arch Caves of Northern Ireland will reportedly remain closed for the filming of the prequel. Here are some of the photos:

whatsapp-image-2019-06-20-at-2-11-26-am-7693408 whatsapp-image-2019-06-20-at-2-11-26-am-1-8282178

Titanic Studies of Northern Ireland, Belfast serve as a prime location for the filming of Game of Thrones. While construction around the set was evident the last month, more and more set pieces have started in and around similar to what we saw for Season 8 of Game of Thrones, while it was under production. Here are a few photos:



Lastly, a source reported sightings of the crew and a few vanity vans around the Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland. It looks like Antrim Coast will also serve as a major filming location for the ‘Bloodmoon’ TV series. Check out these photos:


As months pass and we approach towards the end of the year, more and more updates on the filming and the cast and the crew will surely surface. Yet these quick updates are surely an easy way to get through what some fans weren’t expecting from the final season of Game of Thrones. We really hope the ‘Bloodmoon’ requel series lives up to the hype.

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What were your thoughts on this filming update on the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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