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Meera Reed actress Ellie Kendrick talks about her character in an interview



Game of Thrones is, if you think about it, a massive show. A lot of plot-lines diverging and converging, sometimes bouncing off of each other, and the number of characters the show has, sometimes leads to some of the story arcs being ignored by fans, in comparison to some others. One such comparatively ignored character, we believe, is Meera Reed. Played by actress Ellie Kendrick, Meera has been around for quite a while, but seems to have been lost in the shadows of the Cerseis and Jons.

We have been hearing from Ellie quite a bit, lately, like her appearance at the HBO Game of Thrones behind the scenes tour event, her take on the Jon Snow/Meera Reed twin theory, and her comparison of Stranger Things to Game of Thrones. The sudden spike in her media interaction gives us hope that her character might carry more-than-usual importance in the next season. In an interview with Screen Anarchy, Ellie talked about the development of her character. Here are some excerpts from the interview :

On how she liked playing Meera Reed :
“I really love that there’s a chance for a bit of a combination with Meera. That we see her moments of real emotion, and then in the next moment, grab a weapon and kill something. {Laughs} And that’s quite a rare combination, in my experience, to have as a woman, as an actor. So, yeah, she’s a lot of fun to play.

I actually really enjoy doing the fight stuff, because I’ve never had the chance to do that before.You get to learn all the choreography. I remember my favorite fight that I did was in season four, when there’s the wight fight outside of the cave. That was a lot of fun because I got to do the whole thing myself; I didn’t have a stunt person. Well, I did have one, but I was able to do the whole thing myself, which was really cool.”

On “The Door” episode :
“Well, there was a lot of excitement, initially, about making the scene, because I think we all knew it was going to be something pretty special, and it was so well written, and we had seen a kind of a mockup of the special effects and the CGI, and it looked like it was going to be amazing. So, initially, there was obviously real excitement about it.

But then as the filming went on, cos we filmed it over a period of three or four days, we all started to get really sad, because we were having to say goodbye to Kristian, who is totally a part of our family, and he’s such a lovely guy, and obviously, the way that he goes, the storyline is also really sad.”

On fan theories :
“Ooh, as for theories that would be true, I mean, I’d love it to be something fantastical.  Like she actually gave birth to one of the dragons, or something like that. {Laughs}  Something insane. {Laughs}  But, I don’t know, anything can happen on the show, so it’s like, I’ve got no idea. “

We like how you think, Ellie! You can read the whole interview, over here.

What do you think is going to happen to Meera in the next season? Tell us in the comments, below!

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