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Marvel’s recent featurette provides a new look at Emilia Clarke’s G’iah in Secret Invasion



Comic books own a massive fandom today, thanks to the various TV and movie adaptations we’ve seen in the past few decades. The superhero genre practically rules the entertainment industry right now, with prime examples being MCU and DCEUGame of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke will soon be appearing in Marvel’s Secret Invasion series. A new featurette released by Marvel gave another look at Clarke’s debut character in the MCU, G’iah.

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Watch the new Marvel’s Secret Invasion Featurette

Who does Emilia Clarke play in Secret Invasion?

In exclusive first-look pictures revealed to Vanity Fair quite recently, we see Clarke as G’iah, daughter of the Skrull Talos who was last seen in the film Captain Marvel. G’iah is an actual character from the Marvel comics, who was a specialized agent who was picked to breed with fellow agent Klrr, since she originated from a Skrull planet whose most of the offsprings became Warskrulls. Here’s a first look at both her Skrull and human form.

When will MCU’s Secret Invasion be released?

Marvel’s Secret Invasion will be released on Disney Plus later this year on June 21, 2023.

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