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Many Game of Thrones fans are not impressed with Tyrion's idea of catching a Wight



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Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 5 titled ‘Eastwatch‘, aired today, and it had a lot of great scenes. We saw a lot of storylines advance in ways we didn’t expect, we saw characters return, and we had some emotional scenes, as well. The episode ended on a rather serious note, with Jon Snow going beyond the wall, with Tormund Giantsbane, Gendry Baratheon, Jorah Mormont, the Brotherhood without Banners, and more, to try and capture a wight, so that they can present it to Cersei Lannister as means of pausing the war to take care of the White Walker problem. Naturally, the fans reacted to this in a lot of different ways. Here are some of the best fan reactions to that decision :

Does anyone else think that trying to capture and bring a White Walker to Cersei is the worst idea ever?! #GameOfThrones

— K Van Munching (@KimVanMunching) August 14, 2017

Does Jon’s plan make no fucking sense to anyone besides me? They’re just gonna go grab a white walker like it’s a 12 pack at the bodega?

— tom mckenna (@tmckenna1) August 14, 2017

Is Jorah gonna have the shittest luck imaginable and be the white walker they parade back to Danarys? asking for a friend.#GameOfThrones

— Booggimus (@Biggimus) August 14, 2017

What is the plan to catch a single white walker dude? For some reason I don’t think it will be this easy. #ThronesYall #NoConfederate

— Olivia A. Cole (@RantingOwl) August 14, 2017

Jon: Me and my bros are just gonna go bring back a White Walker. Should be no problem
All of us:#GameofThrones #ThronesYall

— Emily (@ejweeks) August 14, 2017

#GOT predict: The Hound dies & becomes White Walker Jon takes to King’s Landing. The Mountain v Hound is an undead battle. #TalkTheThrones

— Jeremiah Dollins (@ambivalent_man) August 14, 2017

Come on Jorah, bring back a White Walker. You ain’t get healed for nothing! #GameOfThrones

— Litney Houston (@Musica_LeeMo) August 14, 2017

What a strange bunch of to snatch a white walker. What do they think? They just wander around solo? This doesn’t seem well thought out. #got

— alyson summers (@alysonsummers) August 14, 2017

Jon&Co actin like catching a White Walker is gonna be like catching Pokemon.#GameOfThronesS7

— Raven-Jade O. Young (@TwilitWolfDemon) August 14, 2017

Why nobody is talking about “how the hell jon is going to catch a mother fucking white walker” ? #GameofThrones

— ScienceHIVE (@Science_HIVE) August 14, 2017

How did you react to this decision? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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