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Maisie Williams says she's trying to do justice to Arya Stark as Game of Thrones finishes



Game of Thrones stars had a good time at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards, and the show managed to win one of the three categories it was nominated in. Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on the show, talked toETon the red carpet, about how she felt about Game of Thrones ending, and more. Talking about the show nearing its end, Maisie said :

“It has been my security blanket and it’s been a safety net. If I haven’t worked, or if I haven’t landed a role, I never beat myself up too much, because I’ve always got Game of Thrones. To not have that around is going to be really strange, but it’s also really exciting. It means I can now shape my career and I’m not tied down to anything, and I can really make bold decisions.”

Maisie is already looking at her character differently, as the series draws to a close. She said :

“I’m just trying to do the last few scenes that I have justice. I’m just trying to shape Arya the way that I have been so far, and give her a nice arc to end with, and hope the people are happy with it.”

Game of Thrones still has two more seasons to go before it ends, and Maisie seems to be determined to enjoy every bit of the experience. Talking about the awards season, Maisie said :

“It’s so nice to see the other cast members and us all hang out. We don’t really get a chance to all hang out all together as a group on set because we’re all in such different storylines. But it’s so nice to get to come to awards shows like this because we all just get to have fun.”

Maisie also talked about spoilers, and how people both want to, and don’t want to know what’s going to happen. She said :

“Lots of people do ask, but not that many people actually want to know. I can tell that if I were to actually ruin a storyline for someone, they’d be pretty upset.”

Watch a clip from the interview, below :

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