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Leaked pictures reveal a new set in Cáceres, Spain for Game of Thrones season 7



SPOILER ALERT! This post contains Season 7 spoilers! Consider yourself warned! Game of Thrones is scheduled to return with Season 7 in the summer of 2017. While the filming is going on in Spain, we have been getting leaked pictures from the sets, revealing a lot of important information. The latest leak shows pictures of the new set from the city ofCáceres, Spain.

Cáceres is said to play King’s Landing in the next season. The images were posted by @javiborregaon Twitter. Check them out, below :

Magic in Cáceres thanks to #GoT..a statue disappears and a fountain emerges from nothing.. @GameOfThrones

— Heisenberg (@javiborrega) December 6, 2016

More details of the location of #GoT in Cáceres, This is La cuesta de San Jorge… @HBO @WatchersOTWall

— Heisenberg (@javiborrega) December 8, 2016

Details of props at Plaza de las Veletas location for #GoT in Cáceres.. @HBO @WatchersOTWall

— Heisenberg (@javiborrega) December 8, 2016

The great battle scene being shot at Los Barruecos, which we have been talking about lately, is scheduled to be finished by now, and the filming at Cáceres will begin on December 14. The filming at Los Barruecos went on for three weeks. However, Cáceres is supposed to wind up production in only a couple of days.

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