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Latest update about the Game of Thrones prequel: Green screens, cargo containers and David Nutter



Game of Thrones prequel series is something all fans look forward to in the era of the long night – we will soon have once the main series ends. While a couple of days ago we reported a number of filming updates like the Cushendon Caves being used again for the pilot, today bring you another big update right from the prime filming location of Belfast.

Well, the hopes are high for the prequel series and as Richard Plepler says, they are trying their best to “re-engineer the genes of what Game of Thrones was”. Recently, one of our sources sent us pictures of the Titanic Studios of Belfast in Northern Ireland and reported the appearance of green screens in and around the set. If you’ve been a Game of Thrones fan like me, you would know that most of the filming of the epic series was done here and now we seem to have room for more.

Here are a few photographs:

While the construction of the set was previously reported, these green screens only mean that the pilot is ready to start filming and we can soon expect some more updates.

And, there’s more interesting news as our source tells us that David Nutter might return to direct the pilot for the prequel and he was seen in Belfast recently.

Nutter has directed three episodes in the ongoing final season of Game of Thrones namely Episode 1 (Winterfell), Episode 2 (A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms) and Episode 4 (The Last of the Starks). So, we can hope for more from him in the prequel series.

Update: We now have a better look at the wooden structure that is being built and the huge screen. Also, you can see that cargo containers have been placed in front of the set to hide it.

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