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Kristian Nairn is actually happy about something after Hodor’s death



So Hodor is dead and the whole Game of Thrones fandom is in tears. It was a terribly heart wrenching moment on the show, one of its kind actually, at least, after the Red Wedding. It’s not really easy to think of someone who wasn’t moved by the moment or could look at anything else.

But Kristian Nairn, the actor who plays Hodor is actually happy about something. And no, its not that he will make a comeback (though he might, its Game of Thrones). But yes, he is happy about something and that’s the weight that’s off his shoulders now. We are talking about Bran. Hodor has been carrying Bran around on his shoulders since season 1. And now Bran is not a little boy anymore. And Kristian Nairn is happy to not carry him around.

In an interview with HitFix, Nairn spoke about Hodor and the importance of Hodor in his life. While talking, he also had to say this about his co-star Isaac Hempstead Wright:

“He is massively big now. It’s not only the physical thing. It looks ridiculous, too. He’s about 6′ tall, and looks like he sings for Oasis. He’s not that little Bran of Winterfell anymore. He’s an NBA player, man.”

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It’s true though, Bran is all grown up and not the little boy anymore. But I hope Hodor comes back and Bran is not required to be carried on back.

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