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Kit Harington was “chuffed” when he saw Rose Leslie in ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ makeup




Rose Leslie and Kit Harington are one of the loveliest celebrity couples in the acting industry, having fallen in love back when they were filming for Game of Thrones together. Their chemistry shined as an on-screen couple as Ygritte and Jon Snow. They have come a long way together since then, Leslie helping Kit with his alcohol addiction issues, and having a baby together.

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Leslie was recently seen in the TV adaptation of The Time Traveller’s Wife, and she recalls Harington’s reaction when he saw her in old Clare makeup, “I FaceTimed my husband straight away and he was chaffed!”


Leslie also talked to ET online about the show’s comparison to the original film, “I haven’t seen the movie and so I can’t draw any comparisons… but I certainly read the book after I knew I would be playing Clare. But I also didn’t want to overwhelm myself with too many versions of what this character is.”

“I feel that Steven’s writing is very rich. It is fantastic. There’s depth to it. There’s constant subtext to it and that was enough for me to feel like I was doing justice to Clare in this adaptation, rather than having tons of different versions of her in my head. And I felt the book was enough to draw on her past and her upbringing for me. But portraying her, I hopped on Steven’s words.”

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Mary Mays
Mary Mays
1 year ago

Rose Leslie is great in The Time Travelers Wife. With her acting you can actually believe she is Clare!!! When watching the series you forget her other characters and all you see is Clare.