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John Bradley says Samwell probably shouldn’t have survived the Battle of Winterfell




‘The Long Night’ A.K.A ‘the Battle of Winterfell’ left us grieving for our favourite characters. But we are definitely glad for the ones we didn’t lose. Thank the ‘Old Gods and the New’, House Tarly is still alive. However, actor John Bradley who plays Samwell Tarly didn’t think the same way before he read the script.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Bradley revealed that he expected his character to die in the Battle of Winterfell.

The stand-up comedian and television host told Bradley her speculation for Sam from the episode, “I don’t think you should have survived, do you? I don’t know how you survived that, there were people dying all around you and somehow you survived the entire thing.


To which Bradley said, laughing, “Yeah, I didn’t think I was gonna survive either,”

Because you’re always kind of looking at the scripts for the new episode with one eye open. You’re so nervous. And people say, ‘Oh, Sam can’t die,’ and ‘Sam’s too important’ or ‘Sam’s too beloved.

“And you just think, ‘God, don’t you watch this show? Have you never seen this show before?’ Important and beloved doesn’t matter. Nobody is sacred and nobody is safe in ‘Game of Thrones’.”

Now that the last 3 episodes are left, they are the most crucial ones. Imagine the macabre truth that’s soon approaching! As far as Samwell Tarley is concerned, Bradley says they shot ‘an ending’. However, according to the showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the actors “think” they know how it all ends.

In John Bradly words, “I don’t know what I know. I may ultimately know, but I’m not gonna know that I know until I know that I know.

Watch the interview below:

For now, we just hope he knows. Meanwhile, tell us in the comment below, who will survive till the final episode.


Yet there are other tales—harder to credit and yet more central to the old histories—about creatures known as the Others. According to these tales, they came from the frozen Land of Always Winter, bringing the cold and darkness with them as they sought to extinguish all light and warmth. The tales go on to say they rode monstrous ice spiders and the horses of the dead, resurrected to serve them, just as they resurrected dead men to fight on their behalf.”

So, goes one of the passages about The Others in The World of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. And then Old Nan had also once said, that the White Walkers rode on, “Packs of pale spiders big as hounds”.


With the lore and the legend of the Ice and Fire and all that mysterious build up around The Others in the show, many of us wondered if the show will also give us ice spiders five times the size of humans. But all we got was a glimpse of Ghost and a few undead horses. We did get to see a dance of the dragons in the air, and yet there’s this intrigue of what would it be like to see giant spiders made of ice menacingly creating hell for the living. The mere image of it would have been terrifying and haunting.

When EW asked Dan Weiss about it he exclaimed, “Big as Hounds? Didn’t we talk about that for 30 seconds? ‘Ice spiders sounds good. It would look good on a metal album cover. But once they start moving, what does an ice spider look like? Probably doesn’t look great.”

For writers and makers, it’s always been simpler to create fictional animals that have never existed because there are no clear expectations of how they should walk or look or behave. Creating Ice Spiders would have meant giving them the same spider-like abilities and using CGI to make them look giant. It would have been a mammoth (no pun intended) task, I am sure. Like, take for example what happened with direwolves. Ate into the CGI and became trickier to look convincing. Plus it’s not like we didn’t see pale, horrendous animals. We did see the zombie polar bear the last time Jon and the rest had gone Beyond the Wall to “kidnap” a wight. So, might as well excuse the makers for not bringing us these giant arachnids.

What do you think? Do tell us.


Game of Thrones aired its biggest episode last Sunday. Season 8 episode 3, “The Long Night” showed us the biggest battle the show has ever had — The Battle of Winterfell. The battle had some of the greatest scenes ever for the show, and the end was a surprise twist to all fans. We saw Arya Stark come out of nowhere, and stab the Night King, taking him down, with his whole army. However, it seems like the boys in blue might not be gone for good just yet.

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss were recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live! discussing the big episode and the end of the show. They talked about quite a few things, but when the ultimate question was asked, the pair didn’t give us a definite answer  — are the White Walkers gone for good?

Kimmel asked:

“Are we for sure done with the White Walkers?”

Benioff replied while Weiss shook his head, agreeing:

“Yeah, we’re not gonna answer that.”

Of course, since the episode dropped, fans have been arguing online about how it seems almost too easy that the Night King is gone away this easily. While Arya Stark seems nothing but ideal in terms of being the one to put an end to him finally, fans have still carried their doubts about the finality of his passing.

Not to forget, we still don’t know what the Night King did with Craster’s sons. This leaves some room for a new batch of White Walkers that might not have died with the Night King.

In any case, we will see what happens in the next three episodes. Game of Thrones Season 8 returns with episode 4, on Sunday, 5th of May. What do you guys think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


When Beric Dondarrion pulled a Hodor (Hold the Door) in the latest episode, The Long Night, frenzied fans immediately bombarded the Internet with numerous memes of Beric’s “Bericade“.

Beric’s story began with a promise to Ned Stark in season 1, to dying during the fight with The Hound and then getting resurrected, to finally, saving Arya Stark as his final purpose in this episode. Life surely brought him full circle. The actor who played the wight animated by fire (as George R. R. Martin calls him), spoke with Hollywood Reporter about his role and the deaths and a scene of him that could not make the final cut.


But it really was iconic! Watching it back, it was almost religious, wasn’t it? It was almost Christ like at the end. I suppose that’s what he was, wasn’t it?“, he says about his courageous death.

When he looked back at the final moment, when his character was limping back after having been stabbed numerous times, Richard says he could feel the pain for the man. For Beric, it was his ultimate purpose to get Arya safe. Despite the number of stab wounds on his body, Beric could still run and catch pace with her and The Hound, because Richard says he wanted to look into Arya’s face and ensure she was safe.

He says there was a final scene in which he was given one last word to speak to Arya before he collapsed. Unfortunately, that scene could not make the final cut. And that is a tragedy. Because when you read about it, it sure gives you gooseflesh. It is Beric’s entire life purpose culminating into one word. “Live“. Richard says even if the show cut that line, his entire life was a struggle with that one word – Living. Surviving. Beric was a true knight.


There are two moments in which Beric realises his true purpose of resurrection. One is when he takes the first stab for Arya and they exchange a look and another when he stops the wights from reaching her. Other than Arya, Beric also spends a lot of time saving The Hound. About this Richard has a fascinating thing to say.

“He knows that his destiny, Arya’s destiny and the Hound’s destiny have been tied up together from day one. In some ways, he’s also saving the Hound. He’s saving both Arya and he’s saving the Hound. He knows that the Hound can help fulfill another part of Beric’s destiny: kill the Mountain.”

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Richard says he would miss the flaming sword and the costume and the moments he spent laughing with the crew. His words point to Cleganebowl so we know it’s probably happening. Despite everything he has been, Beric surely was a champion in his own way. May the Lord of Light be with him.


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