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Joe Dempsie teases Gendry's role in Game of Thrones Season 8



While Game of Thrones focuses on a lot of characters, there are some that get a lot of screentime, while some others are so loved that they could disappear for seasons altogether and everybody will just sit and wait for them to return. You know who we’re talking about here! Gendry. He went rowing a long time ago, and returned in Season 7, and you bet he will have a great Season 8, and that’s exactly what Joe Dempsie, the actor that plays Gendry, teased in a recent interview. Read on!

In a recent interview with Metro, Joe talked about Gendry, and what he expects from Season 8. First of all, the fact is that Gendry is the offspring of the last legitimate king of the seven kingdoms, Robert Baratheon. He is the rightful king, if you take that angle, and many have said that that fact might hit Gendry and he might decide that he deserves to rule. Joe had something to say about this, and Gendry’s journey:

“I really like the idea of it going straight to his head if he became a kind of leader. Turning up in Dalmatian fur and stuff straight away.

When I reflect on Gendry’s journey through the series I’m increasingly pleased with the way it’s gone on a personal level.”

He also says that it has been a great journey for himself, as well:

“When I left the show for a bit after season three, I do think I started to take the show slightly for granted; knowing for July and December I was going to be back on Thrones seeing all my old mates and have a bit of work.

It almost got to the point where I would define the success, or otherwise, of my year by what else I’d done work-wise outside Game Of Thrones. I’d almost forget that I’d done it.”

Joe then talked about the currently ongoing Season 8 filming :

“We’re filming [the final season] now. It’s been a fairly long process. We started in October and we’re potentially not going to be done till summer. The excitement is palpable on set, so just to be involved in something you know is going to cause such a stir – I can only imagine the hysteria there’s going to be by the time the show comes out next year.

It’s going to have been such a long wait for everybody and to be a part of it is incredible.”

In addition to this, Joe said that he “really appreciated working with Kit, Alfie Allen, and Gwendoline Christie.” While we have seen him share the screen with Kit, who plays Jon Snow, we haven’t seen him with Alfie (Theon), or Gwendoline (Brienne). This bit of tease confirms some more character meetings, so there you go!

Excited for Season 8? Where do you see Gendry headed? Hit us with your theories in the comments, down below!

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