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Jimmie Allen reveals the sex of baby on the way and the Game of Thrones name he wants to use




It is no doubt that the popularity of Game of Thrones has turned it into a pop culture icon. At the peak of its popularity, the fans were so crazed about the show, there were many stories of how newborn babies were named after Game of Thrones characters. Recently, Country star Jimmie Allen announced he was about to welcome a baby with his wife Alexis. And he already has a name for his child in mind, taken straight from the pages of A Song of Ice and Fire.

In an interview with The Sam Alex Show, Allen revealed the sex of his upcoming baby. “We’ve got a new girl, a baby girl on the way,” says Allen. “We didn’t do the whole baby reveal thing because we did it for the first one, we’re done [with that] – whatever pops out, pops out.”

Allen also shared that he wanted to name his daughter after Maisie Williams’ Game of Thrones character. “We do not have a name ‘cause we were preparing for a boy so we don’t have a girl name. I wanna name her Arya Stark Allen because I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan but Lex ain’t lettin’ that happen! So I don’t know what we’re gonna call her,” he says. “We might just name her ‘Hey You.’”

Game of Thrones and real life couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie also welcomed their first child earlier this year. What name would you suggest for Allen’s baby on the way? Tell us in the comments below!


The success of Game of Thrones over the past decade has turned it into a pop culture icon. It always finds its way being referenced in several other spheres. For example, we often find politicians comparing the affairs of the state with HBO’s highly acclaimed TV show. However, recently the show was mentioned in a completely different area of work, in the world of sports. Kayla Harrison, a highly successful MMA fighter from the USA, called the ring the Game of Thrones, and she’s going to be the Queen.

Kayla Harrison just won her PFL 6 fight against Cindy Dandois via first-round submission. During the post-fight interview, Harrison said, “Ya, first-round submission. I like to keep them guessing; you know. Keep working on stuff, keep improving little by little. I’m so far ahead of all these girls and its coz since I was 8 years old, I’ve been dropping people on their head. I mean, I conquered the Judo world, which no American was ever able to do and now I am here to conquer the MMA world. This is a game of thrones and I am going to be the Queen.”

Kayla has looked unstoppable recently and has won every MMA fight she has competed in. Maybe she will really be the ‘Queen of the Ring.’

Do you think Kayla will dominate the fight ring according to her claims? Tell us in the comments below!

Game of Thrones was a convoluted story that focused on the mixed and often conflicting emotions the characters faced throughout their journey. There were very few characters that stayed good till the very end. One of them was Missandei, played by actress Nathalie Emmanuel. She was the best friend of Daenerys Targaryen, and her personal advisor. Her death was the last straw, and pushed the Mother of Dragons off her edge. The audience resented the scene as well, and the hatred for Cersei grew worldwide. That is one of the reasons why many felt Cersei’s death sequence wasn’t justified. However, Nathalie never anticipated the fans to react so strongly at her character’s death scene.

In a recent interview with Vogue, the actress talked about how she was surprised by the emotional overflow the viewers experienced after watching the episode. She said, “When I learned that Missandei was going to die, I knew that, as the only woman of colour on the show, I knew that people would feel her loss, like the loss of her. Because she’s also just like a really kind, good character. I was not anticipating, I guess, the size of the reaction that happened.”

“I think that really sparked a conversation about, when we make these shows in the future, when we are casting these shows, like, do we just have to have the one person—is there space for more of us? And I think the answer is yes. I know the answer is yes.”

How did you feel when Missandei died on the show? Was Dany’s reaction justified? Tell us in the comments below!


Game of Thrones ended nearly two years ago, and fans worldwide miss it dearly. The prequel to the acclaimed TV series, House of the Dragon was announced by HBO back in 2019. Fans around the world have been hyped about the prequel ever since. George R. R. Martin is actively participating in its development, and keeps updating fans quite frequently. His recent interview by local PBS affiliate WTTW Chicago revealed the approximate date of release of the highly awaited series. And it seems to be sooner than most expected, quite surprisingly.

Martin was in town to receive an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Northwestern University. During the conversation, he mentioned that he hoped the prequel would air in the spring of 2022. He said, “Now I’m developing more shows for HBO, we have a new show — House of the Dragon that’s coming down the pike, filming right now over in London and Cornwall over in England. It’ll probably be next spring, I guess. But then I’m developing other shows for them.”

A spring release would mean that the prequel will air sometime between March -June 2022. The show will be set about 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones, when House Targaryen ruled Westeros with an entire fleet of full-grown dragons at its disposal. It will be based on a Targaryen civil war known as the “Dance of the Dragons” in Westerosi history.

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Martin also talked about his love for Westeros and how he wants to write more stories. Are you excited about the House of The Dragon? Tell us in the comments below!


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