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Jason Momoa always asked for more fights scenes, says Game of Thrones fight co-ordinator Buster Reeves



Jason Momoa was one of the earliest finds of Game of Thrones. He was perhaps the first of many actors given to the industry by epic saga. Momoa was quite an unknown face when he took on the iconic role of Khal Drogo but by the time his role ended he had become extremely popular around the globe. In fact, Momoa went to achieve even greater success when he got the chance to play Aquaman in DC’s film. But as they say, preparation and willingness are the stepping stone to success, and Momoa had both the attributes since the beginning. Read on to find out more!

As per Metro, the fight co-ordinator of Game of Thrones, Buster Reeves, has recently credited Momoa for being a willing fighter on screen. Reeves said that Momoa always wanted to do more on-screen and it showed in his fighting scenes as well.

Reeves said:

“Jason Momoa was fantastic, he was always willing to pick up an axe, he was always like, “Can I have a fight? Can I have a fight onscreen? I really want a fight onscreen! Can I have a fight onscreen?”

In fact, Reeves had to shut him down by saying that it was not up to him!

“Anyway, he managed to get one and I really wanted to play on his strength as a king, like a big warrior. I had him fight the guy with the scimitar, I had Jason with no weapons, just by the end of it was two knives.”

He added:

“I said, Take your knives out like you’re gonna use them, but drop them on the floor like this guy is so beneath you that you don’t even need to use them.” ‘He was like “Oh, I love it!” and we ended up having him rip his throat out.’”

As it turned out, both Reeves and Momoa became good friends and became training partners.

Well, wasn’t it a lovely little story? Such heart-warming stories are exactly what is the need of the hour we feel.

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When a show becomes a hit like Game of Thrones, a lot of new factors come into play. To keep the show engaging and entertaining, the showrunners had to be really careful about getting spoilers leaked. A lot of hard work was put in keeping the story a secret. Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark, once revealed how hard HBO was trying to tighten the security. In the final season, visitors had stickers on their phones to prevent pictures. The cast was given code names on call sheets and the show itself was dubbed ‘Face of Angels’. There were a lot of reshoots, and each reshoot took a lot of time. In an interview with Digital Spy, Turner and Richard Brake (Night King) talked about the dedicated work behind the show’s success.


Richard Brake: “‘Hardhome’ was massive in terms of its budget and in terms of the amount of time we had to shoot it. The amount of time it took to shoot those 20 minutes of the battle scene at Hardhome was equivalent to almost the amount of time I’ve had to shoot entire films.”

Sophie Turner (Sansa): “We wouldn’t get physical [scripts]. We would have it on an app. We would get sent sides for the scene [we were shooting] the next day. So we would have to learn it all the day before. And once you’ve read it, it disappears 24 hours later, and you can never access it again. It was tighter than the White House security!”

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Game of Thrones remains one of the most successful TV show franchise ever made. The show reached new heights with every season. The fantasy series still holds the record for the most number of Emmy Awards won. Although, success always comes at the price of controversy. The show was popular as well as infamous for the number of sex scenes and nudity on-screen. Most of the times the actors have to face the heat of the audience. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime) talked about one such incident with Digital Spy.

He said, “A friend of mine sent me a link to this website, about concerned parents, it was more or less a hate letter to me. ‘He will always be known as that actor. Incestuous’. It was very hateful. So that was a great thing to click on.”

“There are so many people that get really passionate about this. ‘There’s too much sex! There’s too much violence! They killed a dog! Ahh!’ It’s just amazing because it’s just fiction and we’re very serious about it.

“You might not like [it], but it is what it is. David Benioff and Dan Weiss, it’s the way that they chose to tell their story. And it’s in the books, it’s the source materials. It’s the way he [George RR Martin] wanted to describe this world.

“Yes, there’s a lot of sex, but I don’t think you find any of the sex scenes if you look at them, that don’t also tell a story about the characters.”

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Game of Thrones was the biggest and also one of the most controversial shows of the past decade. The fantastical series was famous not just for its story and amazing CGI, but also graphic nudity. The sex scenes shocked quite a number of audience who questioned the show’s approach towards sex. The series is also criticized for sometimes forcing artists into such scenes, like Emilia Clarke. In an interview with Digital Spy, several cast members got candid about shooting naked on the show.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: “You start out in the extreme, after episode one where [Jaime] has sex with his twin sister and he tries to kill this innocent, sweet-looking boy. It questions your moral beliefs, that’s for sure.”

Emilia Clarke: “I didn’t watch the first couple of episodes with my parents, my dad in particular.”

Alfie Allen (Theon): “There was one time where I was with my mum and accidentally watched it. Ros (Esmé Bianco) was involved in a really graphic lesbian sex scene and my mum was just so shocked. That was pretty funny. We don’t watch it together anymore though, that’s for sure.”

Michelle Fairley: “I got a no-nudity clause so I always get to keep my clothes on… The producers put it in, not me!”

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