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Jamie Campbell Bower talks about canceled Game of Thrones prequel ‘Bloodmoon’




The roots of the Weirwood trees are growing deeper into the world of Westeros. HBO is looking forward to exploring Godswood and beyond with several spinoffs in development, with House of The Dragon currently being the first one confirmed to be arriving in August. One of the most recent ones to be reported is a Jon Snow spinoff that will star Kit Harington, and this brings the tally of Game of Thrones spinoffs, excluding House of The Dragon, to seven.

However, some of these branches were chopped off early in development, while there was one that was cut off even after blossoming into a pilot episode. HBO had canceled the prequel series dubbed Bloodmoon or The Long Night after they had filmed the first episode which cost them nearly $30 million. Jamie Campbell Bower, who is currently in the news for playing Stranger Things Season 4 villain Vecna/001, was also supposed to play an undisclosed role in the spinoff show.


Bower recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about the canceled spinoff, “Everything happens for a reason. I don’t think anything happens by chance. At the time of that spin-off not working out, of course it’s sad. Of course it is.”

“This was always there,” he adds in reference to his Stranger Things role. “This was coming. I just didn’t know.”

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