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Jalic Blades releases George R.R. Martin-approved Blackfyre replica




Game of Thrones merchandise is very rare to get your hands on, a prop from the TV show is even rarer. The cast members were themselves denied access to many of the iconic set treasures that were close to them. You, however, have a chance to get your hands on your own official replica of Blackfyre, the sword of Aegon the Conqueror, that has even been approved by George R. R. Martin himself.

Blackfyre is the fabled hand-and-a-half longsword of Valyrian steel once wielded by Aegon the Conqueror. It is perhaps the most famous sword in all of Westeros. Aegon II Targaryen’s possession of Blackfyre enhanced his legitimacy against his rival, Rhaenyra Targaryen, during the Dance of the Dragons. It was lost after the Blackfyre rebellion.


Blackfyre will be featured in the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon, and will be first seen under the possession of King Viserys I Targaryen. Jalic Blades, famous for making A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones-accurate replicas of Valyrian steel swords, announced the launch of a limited edition stainless steel sword version of the Blackfyre, and later on, they will also produce an even more limited Damascus steel version of the sword.

This replica is done with Martin’s approval and represents the Valyrian steel sword quite close to as he himself imagines it. You can get your own Blackfyre right here!

Are you excited to get Aegon the Conqueror’s sword? Tell us in the comments below!


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