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“I wasn’t expecting that to ever happen,” says Gwendoline Christie on Brienne and Jaime's relationship



Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 4 “The Last of the Starks” saw the much-anticipated union of Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. However, sad as it is, the union also didn’t last long, with Jaime leaving Brienne to go south to try and save Cersei. In an interview with Time, Gwendoline Christie, who plays the role of Brienne, talked about how she felt about the whole thing that went down between the two characters. Read on!

Speaking of Jaime and Brienne finally having sex, Gwendoline said:

“I was quite surprised actually because I wasn’t expecting that to ever happen at all so it took me quite a while to digest.”

She continued:

“The way I had conceived that the relationship was written was that it had no clear outset to it. I never felt that it was purely about romantic love. What I thoroughly enjoyed playing with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was exploring all these different machinations of the stages that the relationship would go through — the fact that it would move from distaste to admiration to a feeling of intimacy to anger to all of these different things.”

Gwendoline then talked about how episode 3, “The Long Night” set up this particular plot point:

“After the Great War in episode 3, I thought it was fascinating exploring the idea of what happens after those kinds of battles when people have pushed themselves to such extreme physical, emotional and mental levels.

I thought it was really beautiful that prior to the war, they had all been contemplating what may have been their last night on Earth. Then they managed to cheat death and so I suppose it feels like life is up for grabs really. It felt to me like the idea of acting on euphoria. What I particularly liked and I thought was important was that Brienne chooses that moment to occur. She chooses to have sex. It’s her choice. I felt that was really important.”

She then spoke about the scene where Jaime leaves, and we see Brienne just break down crying:

“I don’t think Brienne knows in that moment exactly what he’s saying. I don’t think she knows whether it’s that he can’t overlook his bond with his sister, whether it’s too frightening to overlook that, whether change is too much for him or whether he’s protecting her. But I think it’s very clear that whatever its motivations, it is rejection. And what I loved about that scene is that we’ve never seen Brienne decide to grab the chance for something new and optimistic.”

We’ve never seen her chance romantic love. She has no sexual experience and she decides to allow herself that opportunity. And I don’t think she’s a fool. I think that she’s very aware — due to the closeness of Jaime and Brienne’s relationship over the years — where that intimacy with his sister lies and how much it means to him, but also how dysfunctional it is. But in a way it can be perceived that that was the inevitable. I think when someone grasps for a rare moment of optimism in their lives, it’s incredibly killing to see that dashed, to see that just smashed.”

She also said that it was brilliant to see a side of Brienne we hadn’t seen before, and we could not agree more. What did you guys think about this story arc? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


Very often we see real life is different from reel life. An actor might be struggling in real life despite being popular on-screen. Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa is one of the many big names to appear on Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi fantasy Dune. Even though the actor is excited about the movie, he won’t be watching it right after its release. The reason might sound strange to many, but it is as adorable as it gets.

Jason Momoa has often described himself as a family man, far from all the characters he has played on screen. The 41-year-old actor talked to Men’s Health about various topics like his life with family and workout routine. He revealed some interesting facts about his personal life, like how he’s not even the King of his house. Also, his son gets worried each time he sees Momoa in an action scene.


Momoa said, “My son just loses it… ‘Papa, are you okay?’ And I’m like, ‘Son, I’m sitting right next to you. We’re good. This was two years ago. Just watch the movie.’”

No wonder his step-daughter Zoe Kravitz calls him Papa Bear. Momoa is really loving and caring towards his family. He recently revealed in another interview how his family was struggling after Game of Thrones.

What do you think of Jason Momoa’s relationship with his family? Talk to us in the comments below!

The past few weeks were really exciting for Game of Thrones fans all around the world. The viewers were on the edge ever since HBO announced the making of Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon. People were already casting for their favourite characters in their heads, with rumours flying everywhere. First, HBO added to the hype by announcing the release date for the series, i.e. 2022. Then casting of Paddy Considine as King Viserys caused a huge stir, breaking the internet. Now, the network has got the audience crazy by announcing major key roles and finalizing directors for the show. They’re leaving no stone unturned, casting some of the biggest names in the television entertainment business. Matt Smith is one of them.

In a recent interview with GalaxyCon, Matt acted coy trying not to reveal much information. However, he couldn’t hide his excitement. He said, “Without saying too much…I’m looking forward to riding a few dragons…if I get to. I mean, I don’t know. Who knows?”

Matt Smith will play the Rogue Prince Daemon Targaryen. Smith is famous for being the eleventh incarnation of Doctor Who, and playing an important role in The Crown. Smith will also star in Marvel’s much-awaited movie Morbius. Therefore, it’s no surprise why fans are so excited about seeing him in the Game of Thrones Universe.

Are you excited about House of The Dragon? Talk to us in the comments below!

Daenerys Targaryen’s story began as a young, oppressed banished princess. Her rise to the sky as the Dragon Queen, Mother of the Dragons is an incredible story arc of Game of Thrones. Daenerys was initially known far and wide not just for her dragons, but for her kind nature. She was affectionately called Mhysa (mother) by the many slaves she freed, hence earning the title Breaker of Chains. Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys on Game of Thrones, is brave and kind in real life as well. She has often helped co-stars (like Nathalie Emmanuel) on set.

Great British Bake Off contestant Laura Adlington was blown away when Emilia Clarke slid into her DMs. Appearing on spin-off show Bake Off: Extra Slice, Laura told host Jo Brand, “Emilia Clarke, Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones, sent me a message.”

“[She] just said, “Laura, me and my friends love you. Thanks for brightening up our lockdown. We hope you win. I think she called me a “baking queen”. So my life is now complete, quite frankly. Friends with Matt Lucas and Emilia Clarke. Doesn’t get better than that, does it?”

Laura made it to the final round of the Channel 4 competition. Even though she was narrowly beaten by winner Peter Sawkins, getting a compliment from Emilia is a big achievement.

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