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“I was thankful to leave it” says Richard Madden about his early exit from Game of Thrones



Game of Thrones was the world’s favourite television series, for nearly a decade. As such, the actors that have been a part of the full story have dedicated a whole decade of their acting careers to the show. Richard Madden, who played Robb Stark, recently said in an interview that he was thankful that he could leave the show early. Read on!

In an “Actors on Actors” Variety interview with Amy Adams, Richard Madden discussed his early exit from Game of Thrones. Robb Stark died at the end of Season 3, in one of the most memorable and gruesome scenes from the series, dubbed the Red Wedding.

Madden told Adams why he felt good about him getting a break from the show that early on:

“I died at the end of Season 3. It was such a hard thing to finish because from first pilot to my death was five years. But five years was a great time to be on the show. It helped me so much with my career and experience. I learned a lot from shooting 30 hours of television.”

He continued:

“You really start to learn the trade doing that. And then I was thankful to leave it. The actors on it now must be 11 years into playing these characters. Give these guys some medals, because that is a marathon.”

Richard has since then gone on to play multiple well-received roles, including David Budd in BBC’s Bodyguard, for which he won a Golden Globe. He reflected on his future plans and his need to break out of typecasting:

“I’d like to explore things that are a bit not Romeo. I’ve spent 10 years playing different versions of Romeo, from Robb Stark to literally playing Romeo twice onstage, once when I was 21, once when I was 30. I’ve played a lot of these good guys that bad things happen to, and “Bodyguard” was my first real experience of this moral space that isn’t so clean-cut as good guys and bad guys. I want to delve into that.”

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