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House of the Dragon fans react to Paddy Considine Golden Globes nomination snub



King Viserys from House of the Dragon

As the end of the year gets closer, the House of the Dragon fandom is well-fed with all the nominations that the much-deserving series has received. Especially at the Golden Globes awards. Additionally, the Game of Thrones prequel was nominated not only in the Best Drama category, but its lead actress Emma D’Arcy also got nominated in the Best Actress category. Despite the many nominations, fans cannot help but feel furious for Paddy Considine. You do not have to be a detective to take notice of the fact that Considine’s portrayal of Viserys I was easily one of the most intriguing aspects of the show.

His desperate struggle to bring back the remaining semblance of what was left of his family made Viserys a standout character. The actor’s top-notch performance received a nod of approval from the mastermind George R. R. Martin himself. Furthermore, the genius writer even went on to say that Considine’s Viserys was better than the version he wrote in the book. Therefore, seeing the actor not get a single nomination at the Golden Globes has not just disheartened but angered the fandom. After the announcement of the nominees, the House of the Dragon fans made their disdain about Paddy Considine not being nominated very clear on Twitter.

Who else apart from Paddy Considine do you think was snubbed? Let us know your thoughts on our discord server.

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