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Here's why Jon Snow owes his life to Lyanna Mormont of Bear Island



The epic clash between the two Snow Bastards, Jon and Ramsay was something people have awaited with bated breaths. Now that we’ve finally seen Ramsay get killed by his own hounds (killer move by Sansa, quite literally so), there’s a lot to talk about. That glorious moment when the army of the Vale marched in to save the day, ended with Jon rushing through the gates of Winterfell where he had a face-off with Ramsay. The moment when Ramsay, cockily enough, began to shower Jon with arrows, is when Jon picked up a shield to protect himself as he advanced towards Ramsay.

This shield, if you’ve paid enough attention, bore the sigil of Bear Island, and it helped Jon save his life before he punched Ramsay in the face a number of times (most of us watched that on repeat).


Had Lyanna Mormont of Bear Island not offered her 62 men, which seemed a bit uncertain at the time, Jon would probably not have been saved by the shield. So to sum up, Lady Lyanna lived up to her reputation of being a responsible leader who implements her promises, and Jon Snow owes his life to her.

She proved that she was there to kick some ass and save the possible ‘prince that was promised’, showing that despite deploying a minimal amount of forces she managed to save the day, and more importantly, ex-Lord Commander Jon Snow.


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Lady Lyanna continues to display her swag all along, and we couldn’t be more awed.


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