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Here’s how Jon and Daenerys might form an alliance in the upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones season 7



July 20th, 12:01am July 20th, 12:01am Rahul JadhavFounder at Wiki of Thrones and a full-time Game of Thrones fan who does other work when he has finished reading and writing about Game of Thrones and also dreams about playing a role in the show.

Game of Thrones Season 7 has premiered and with it Daenerys has finally reached Westeros and the fans are happy as everyone has been waiting for her to reach Westeros since season 1! Now that she’s here, there’s one more thing that the fans are eager to see and that’s an alliance between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. The book series on which the show Game of Thrones is based is titled, “A Song of Ice and Fire” and many people believe that it refers to Jon Snow, who’s from the icy North and Daenerys Targaryen, who has 3 fierce fire-breathing Dragons. Hence, people expect these two characters to come together sooner or later.

After watching the first episode, we can be certain that these two characters will definitely come together and we can say that based on what we saw in the first episode, the trailer for Stormborn, which is the 2nd episode, a promotional video and few photos from season 7 that were released prior to the premiere. We will first start with the information that we have come across in the latest episode.

Jon Snow orders all the Northern maesters to search for any refrence of Dragonglass, as they need to find it, mine it and make weapons of it in order to kill the White Walkers.

On the other hand, Samwell Tarly has reached Oldtown, so that he can train to be a maester and learn about ways to defeat the White Walkers. However, things are not going well for him as almost everyone at the Citadel doesn’t believe him when he tells them about the threat of the White Walkers, and he has to clean shit, arrange books or do other work which really doesn’t help him in any way. Finally Samwell steals some books from the restricted section and brings them where he lives with Gilly and in one of the book he he comes across a map of Dragonstone that shows there’s a mountain of Dragonglass, beneath the ground and he immediately starts writing a letter to Jon Snow.

Jon Snow will receive Samwell’s letter in the 2nd episode, as we have seen in the trailer that Yohn Royce warns Jon Snow that the Targaryen queen can’t be trusted. This definitely means that Jon has proposed that he goes South to meet Daenerys and make sure that she gives him the access to the Dragonglass mine on Dragonstone and also teams up with him to fight against the White Walkers, as she has 3 huge Dragons with her. Looking at some of the photos from season 7 that have been released earlier, we know that Jon Snow and Ser Davos are sitting on their horses, ready to leave Winterfell and it feels certain that they are ready to leave for Dragonstone.


We are certain that Jon Snow chooses Ser Davos to join him on the journey to Dragonstone as there’s no one who’s as good as Davos when it comes to convincing people to join his cause. We have seen him successfully convincing Lyanna Mormont and even the people at the Iron Bank. It would be interesting to see if he’s the person who somehow manages to convince Daenerys to form an alliance and let them mine the Dragonglass.

And now we come to the last piece of information which shows us that Daenerys will believe in what Jon Snow and Davos have to say and she will give him access to the Dragonglass mine. The following scene was shown to fans during an event in Madrid, Spain.

In the above picture, we can see Daenerys Targaryen walking inside what seems like a cave and after watching the latest episode, we know that there’s Dragonglass beneath Dragonstone and this must be the mountain of Dragonglass that Samwell refers to in the latest episode. So, if Daenerys is entering a Dragonglass cave, it means she believes in what Jon Snow says and maybe becomes his ally in the war against the White Walkers.

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Founder at Wiki of Thrones and a full-time Game of Thrones fan who does other work when he has finished reading and writing about Game of Thrones and also dreams about playing a role in the show.