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HBO CEO Richard Plepler updates fans about Game of Thrones prequels



Game of Thrones is about to end. As the last season films, work is also going on on the prequels, a total of five of which are under development, which is the logical move, since the show has made a lot of cash for HBO, and as such it only makes sense that they find a way to keep the momentum. Speaking at Business Insider’s annual Ignition: Future of Media conference, HBO CEO Richard Plepler talked about the prequel series, and more. Read on!

He recalled the initial acceptance from HBO to Game of Thrones at a time when HBO wanted a big hit, says AdWeek :

“[From] two guys who had never done a TV show in their life … pitching a fantasy show with dragons to us, and we believed in them and we bet on them.”

Plepler said that HBO is like an art gallery, and said he was excited for the new generation of shows which will come after Game of Thrones ends, but that there’s always an uncertainty to them :

“I don’t know which of them turns into gold—maybe they all turn into gold—but we’re working with people we believe in. We trust them.”

Addressing the whole Amazon wanting its own Game of Thrones sized hit, Plepler said :

“Anyone who tells you we knew that Thrones was going to be Thrones is completely full of shit. You don’t know that. You never know where the next great thing is.”

Speaking of the prequels, he commented that five “bibles” have been submitted to the network :

“A couple of them that we’re particularly high on. We’re not going out and saying, ‘Go find us a prequel to Game of Thrones.’ [Instead, the creative team is] coming to us and saying, ‘We have an idea.’”

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So it looks like at least two of the prequel series will see the light of the day. What do you think? Any speculations about which ones they could be? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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