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Gwendoline Christie on her journey playing Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones



Game of Thrones is a TV series that not only portrays a game of politics or the war between the good and the evil but has given us many strong female characters. It has shown us women empowerment throughout the seasons especially with characters like Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, and others rising to power. The same is the scenario of Brienne of Tarth, who once was mocked by names such as ‘Brienne the Beauty’ – now serves as an anointed knight.

Gwendoline Christie – the actress who plays Brienne on the show, recently talked to the Evening Standard magazine, discussing the same with them. She said:

“The triumph of Brienne of Tarth was…both professional and personal. I know how generic it sounds but it just was, in every sense of the word, incredible that that part should come along, made for me in a way that none of my friends would’ve identified for a second…”

“They saw all of the fighting, the physicality, the fact that it was a character who was constantly being described as ugly.”

Despite all this, we’ve loved the entire journey Brienne has undertaken since her debut in Season 2 – her siding with Catelyn Stark, a little romance that developed between her and Jaime Lannister, and lastly her ending up with Sansa Stark. Oh, did we miss her funny moments with Tormund Giantsbane? Still, going on going forward for this role was tough for Gwendoline. She said:

“None of the people who knew me could understand why I would want to play that part…Because if this is the small-minded, mean, uncompassionate viewpoint of the inside, then I don’t want to be there. I’m happy out here with all the other leftovers, who show love and support for each other.”

Gwendoline ended by saying, “All of the inconsistencies, complexities, and ugly parts — whatever that might mean — can exist and beauty can be made out of it. That’s what I want beauty to be.”

Apart from playing Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones, Gwendoline has also played an important role in the Star Wars franchise: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017). Moreover, she is all set to play the voice of Phasma in Disney’s new animated series – Star Wars Resistance.

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Gwendoline will reprise her role in the final season of Game of Thrones and we have many theories about the end-game for Brienne and the others. What do you think will be Brienne’s role in the final season? Tell us in the comments.

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