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George R.R. Martin explains why sexual violence is integral to Game of Thrones and its spinoffs




In the last decade, Game of Thrones was perhaps both the most popular and divisive TV show in the world. The fantasy epic was well-known for its explicit nudity in addition to its compelling narrative and outstanding CGI. The show’s treatment of sex was questioned by many viewers who were horrified by the sex scenes. In an earlier interview with Time Magazine, the show’s progenitor George R. R. Martin explained why it was necessary to the story itself.

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War is always associated with sexual violence

On being asked why his works always have depictions of sexual violence, Martin said, “I don’t think the criticisms are true or apt. I know everyone has a right to their own opinion but… whatever. I’m writing a war story, essentially — the Wars of the Roses. The Hundred Years’ War.

They have “war” right in the title of each of my inspirations here. And when I read history books, rape is a part of all these wars. There’s never been a war where it wasn’t, and that includes wars that are going on today. It just seems to me that there’s something fundamentally dishonest if you write a war story and you leave that out.”


Game of Thrones’ original pilot was closer to the source material

Martin went on to reveal that the scrapped pilot, filmed with Tamzin Merchant as Daenerys, was closer to the books than the one we got with Emilia Clarke. He said, “And I should point out, and you probably know this if you’ve read the books and watched the show, Daenerys’ wedding night is quite different than it was portrayed in the books.

Again, indeed, we had an original pilot where the part of Daenerys was recast, and what we filmed the first time, when Tamzin Merchant was playing the role, it was much more true to the books. It was the scene as written in the books. So that got changed between the original pilot and the later pilot. You’d have to talk to David and Dan about that.”

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