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George R.R. Martin missed Stan Lee at the SDCC 2023 Comic Con



George R. R. Martin, the creator of the Game of Thrones series, has always loved comic books and has read a lot. He is never afraid to talk about how much he loves Marvel and how Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are his heroes. He frequently and freely states that he has been a Marvel geek ever since Stan and Steve Ditko‘s Spider-man was first released.

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George R. R. Martin remembers Stan Lee in a recent post

In his recent blog on his Blog, Not A Blog, Martin talked about how SDCC was different this year, in reference to the ongoing writers and actors strikes. He wrote:

“San Diego Comicon is being held as usual, but virtually all the big television and film promotions that usually occur there have been cancelled, after the stars and writers all pulled out. SDCC may need to return to its roots, and focus on comic books and the writers and artists who produce them. (Excelsior!).”

George R. R. Martin

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George R. R. Martin once hailed Stan Lee and Jack Kirby above Shakespeare

Martin used to write letters to Marvel HQ as a kid. In one of his letters, he wrote:

“Dear Stan and Jack, you guys are better than Shakespeare! I was a big Marvel fan, and I tried some of those Marvel shows that were on in the Seventies, The [Incredible] Hulk with Bill Bixby and [TV movies about] Captain America. I tried them once and I didn’t watch them again because I didn’t like them very much, but I didn’t go crazy and start writing hate mail. I’ve got to think social media has something to do with it.”

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