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George R. R. Martin comments on the United Airlines fiasco. Says he's “seeing red”



As you all know, the creator of the Game of Thrones universe, George R. R. Martin is currently working on the sixth book of the series, The Winds of Winter, which is supposed to come out this year. He often takes out time to talk about stuff, out on his Not A Blog. The latest entry had him talking about the whole United Airlines fiasco which has been the talk of the town this week. Read on!

If you haven’t heard about it, which is highly unlikely, let us catch you up. Earlier this week, United Airlines overbooked a flight, and when the number of passengers on the flight was more than they could handle, they started to kick people off of it. Initially, passengers were asked to volunteer, but when nobody did, the airline called the security forces to escort random people out, and one of the passengers, who is a doctor by profession, refused to leave his seat. The security then brutally assaulted the man, and dragged him out, which sparked massive outrage all over the world. Watch the video clip, below, but be warned, the footage is a bit distressing :

George condemned this event in thelatest post on his Not A Blog. He said :

“I don’t often comment on current events, but the story about the passenger that United Airlines beat bloody and dragged off a flight — for no reason but to accommodate some of their own deadheading employees, and despite the fact that he had a ticket that he’d bought and paid for and was doing nothing but sitting peacefully in his assigned seat — has me seeing red.”

Martin said that United CEO Oscar Munoz is a disgrace and that he should resign. He also included a video clip from Jimmy Kimmel’s take on the event. Watch it below :

He also commented on the overall hostility shown by airlines to their passengers. He wrote :

“I am old enough to remember when airlines were regulated, and passengers had rights. But we deregulated the airlines, and now passengers are cattle. The present rule seems to be just what Kimmel says: do what we say, or else. You may have given us your money, but we owe you nothing.”

We quite agree with everything that GRRM said. What do you think about the whole thing? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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