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Gemma Whelan says fan reaction to Game of Thrones ending is her “biggest disappointment”



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It has been a while now since Game of Thrones finished its glorious run of eight seasons. However, what has not yet gotten over are the reactions of fans and reactions of star cast on the response of fans towards the final season. Most of the stars, unlike the fans, of the show have understandably gotten behind the makers and defended the final season. Gemma Whelan a.k.a Yara Greyjoy is a new addition to the list of stars expressing disappointment on the fans’ reactions to the series finale. Read on!

Gemma Whelan who played the role of Yara Greyjoy on the show recently talked about the reactions of fans in an interview. Talking recently to The Guardian, Whelan was asked about what has been her biggest disappointment in life, to which she responded:

“The fans’ reaction at the end of Game Of Thrones because I think it was brilliant.”

Well, we can’t blame Whelan completely either. With the kind of hard work and effort that the entire cast and crew put in, none of them should be expected to publicly criticize the show. In fact, many of them have become a known face around the world because of the show.

However, the fans shouldn’t be blamed for their reactions either. It was a show very close to their heart for almost a decade and when it didn’t lead to the climax that they had anticipated, the reactions pour out.

What are your views on yet another defense of the show’s finale from its star? Let us know in the comments below!


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