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Game of Thrones Season 8 will “redefine the word epic” says sound designer Paula Fairfield



Game of Thrones has been in the works for over eight years now, and the conclusion arrives next year. We have seen Game of Thrones change the facade of television, and as such it deserves all the hype it has been getting. As we know, some of the cast and crew members were present at the recently held Con of Thrones, and one of them was Game of Thrones sound designer Paula Fairfield, who hyped Season 8 in her interview with Winter is Coming. Read on!

Now, the interview is a video interview, so you can watch it in full, below:

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Speaking of her process of working on the show, Fairfield said:

“I need to understand what’s going on in the scene. If we’re talking about the dragons, then what is happening with them? What’s their development? So that the roar conveys the emotional of the scene. It’s not just sticking a roar in there that’s been done before or whatever. Everything is custom fit for every scene.”

Apparently, she had begun working on Season 8 while she had been working on Season 7 itself:

“I have started to realize how big a problem it can be because fans are so dedicated and watch so closely that I have a responsibility to provide as seamless an experience in viewing as everyone else does on the show…And part of that is the articulation of their voices, so if I shift gears suddenly, people are gonna notice that, so I really try to take into consideration the whole arc of the season and really pace it out. The more images and the more defined the scenes are when I see them…the more satisfying the outcome will be in the end.”

She then went on to tease Season 8:

“I’m frankly shaking in my boots right now with anticipation of what’s coming because I know that because they’ve been shooting so long, and because the visual effective element is — I am sure — so intricate and intense, and because of what just happened at the end of season 7, I can only start to imagine the things that might happen, and I have tried to…imagine…the possibilities of where they could take this, and make sure there are enough elements in season 7 that I could expand upon them in season 8.”

She continued:

“We know that there will be the breaking of hearts next season, that is without a doubt. But just the fact that it is the final season, it’s devastating. And yet I really respect them for bringing it to its conclusion when they are, going out on a high note, not overstaying their welcome, and really giving something…that we will be able to chew on for years to come.”

Well, we definitely agree. How excited are you for Game of Thrones Season 8? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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