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Game of Thrones Season 8 ratings go down after the premiere, but still at record high



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Game of Thrones Season 8 recently premiered to great reviews and some great viewership figures. We had reported about the viewership figures for the premiere, which hit a whopping 17.4 million viewers. The figures for the second episode, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” have been revealed now, and the show’s viewership has taken a dip from the premiere, but still remains at a record high. Read on!

If you remember, the 17.4 million figure of the premiere was the highest ever for Game of Thrones. The figure for episode 2 dipped down to 15.9 million. Both figures include viewership from HBO Go and HBO Now. The second episode was lengthier, though, which means the viewership figures include only two airings in the 24 hour period and not three like the premiere.

The viewership had an 8.2% drop from the premiere, but a 10.6% rise from the second episode of Season 7. “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” is now the fourth most watched episode of the show. In terms of TV-only audience of the episode, it hit 10.3 million viewers, 12.5% down from the season 8 premiere.

Now, of course, it was a holiday weekend, so it can be assumed that the festivities led to a decline in viewership. In any case, the figures are expected to rise up with the upcoming episode, which seems like it will be the biggest episode of the season, and as we know, Game of Thrones’ big battle episodes sell well.

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Episode three of the final season has come and gone and with it, so has winter. All anybody can talk about is the terrible lighting. Oh yeah, and that the Night King is as dead as a Dodo. We have everybody’s favourite assassin to thank for that. With a flying leap and a seriously sick knife trick, the biggest baddie of them all was left looking about as lively as a  doornail. Arya first showed off this move in season seven, while sparring with Brienne in the courtyards of Winterfell.

Clearly, years of grueling training with the Faceless Men paid off big time given how she pretty much made short work of an army with the potential to wipe out humanity. As far as badasses go, Arya takes the cake (dagger?). We’d gladly bend the knee before her.

Game of Thrones fans from across the world have decided to pay tribute to that particularly nifty piece of knife work. Now they might not have a Valyrian steel dagger at their disposal but being a resourceful lot, they’ve made do with everything ranging from hairbrushes to carrots. Called the #AryaChallenge, #TheArya and even #NotToday (Syrio Forel might not have lasted long, but his little life philosophy certainly did), this challenge is taking social media by storm.

Do #TheArya

— GΔΒΥ DURΔΝ ?? (@GBDRN) April 29, 2019

*Spoiler Alert*
Arya’s Night King moment simplified with a Carrot ✅

— ??? ??????? (@BenLangley) May 1, 2019

#Aryachallenge #GameofThrones

— Avi Wechsler (@AviWechsler) April 29, 2019

“Who taught you how to do that?” “No one.” @GameOfThrones @FOXLA #AryaChallenge

— Pablo Alsina (@PabloAlsina) May 2, 2019

Tenía que hacerlo. :v#AryaChallenge #JuegodeTronos #juegodetronos8x03 #GameofThrones #AryaStark #KingOfTheNight

— Oscar Hernández (@HacheComics) May 1, 2019

is the Arya Challenge a thing?#GameOfThornes

— tanner olson (@tannerJolson) April 30, 2019

Have you hopped on the #AryaChallenge bandwagon yet?


Game of Thrones is currently in the middle of its final season. With no more Game of Thrones left to film, the stars are taking a break to focus on other projects and their personal lives. One of the stars, Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, got married to her fiance Joe Jonas in a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas. Read on!

Sophie had gotten engaged to the famous musician back in October 2017, a while after Season 7 finished airing, and now in the middle of Season 8 airing, they have tied the knot. The wedding was a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards. American DJ Diplo was present at the wedding, and he even live-streamed it to fans on Instagram. Recordings of this footage have been floating around on Twitter. Take a look:

Diplo really streamed while Joe and Sophie were getting married I-

— Jonas Brothers News (@jbrosnews) May 2, 2019

This seemed like a private and whimsical affair. An Elvis impersonator even married the two. A few musicians from the Billboard Awards seemed to be present at this awesome after-party of a wedding. Sophie’s Game of Thrones castmates seemed absent, but her family members were present, with sister-in-laws standing in as her bridesmaids. Not just that, it seemed completely unplanned, too, with the couple marrying each other with candy rings, rather than actual rings.

Of course, this was a smaller wedding. Sophie and Joe will have another formal wedding for all their friends and family, which will reportedly be held in France. Further details are unknown, but we can expect at least a few Game of Thrones stars to turn up. In addition to this, TMZ somehow managed to obtain documents which state that Sophie has officially changed her name from Sophie Belinda Turner to Sophie Belinda Jonas.

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Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 3 aired this Sunday. It was a battle episode, titled “The Long Night“, and it had a lot of great moments and deaths. One of the biggest deaths was that of Theon Greyjoy, which occured towards the very end of the episode. However, actor Alfie Allen spoiled it for the fans before everybody had a chance to see it happen. Read on!

Alfie Allen’s Theon Greyjoy has had a rollercoaster ride on the show. We have seen many characters in the grey, going from bad guys to good guys, and Theon has led the charge here. However, in “The Long Night” we saw Theon meet his end, as he charged towards the Night King in his final bid to save Bran and the Night King got him.

Alfie posted a picture to his Instagram, which the fans considered as a spoiler for Theon’s exit from the show, even though it was posted after the episode aired. Check it out:

Many fans were annoyed and angry at this apparent spoiler and sounded off in the comments. The picture just shows a Greyjoy armour. The caption was the real giveaway, with Alfie putting in nothing but a broken hear emoji, and there’s not much else that could mean.

Thank you Alfie Allen for spoiling one GOT death on Instagram! And thank you @PilouAsbaek for confirming that bloody spoiler with your heartwarming message to Alfie on his post.

How am I supposed to watch the episode knowing what I know?

— Mehrac ALIYARI (@M_L_A_Z) April 29, 2019

Well, while fans were annoyed for a while, the comments on Alfie’s Instagram now are all praises. Not only that, Alfie has even seen a jump in his follower count on the social media platform since the episode aired, getting over a 100k new subscribers.

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What did you think about this scene from the latest episode of Game Of Thrones? Are you one of those people that got it spoilt for them by Alfie? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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