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Game of Thrones’ Luke Roberts (Arthur Dayne) cast as Thomas Wayne in The Batman




Game of Thrones had a lot of characters from the books, that played a huge part in the story, but received relatively less screentime or did not appear at all. One of the most famous swordsmen in the Westerosi lore, Ser Arthur Dayne, who bore the title of “Sword of the Morning”, was a fan favorite character who did appear onscreen for a short time, but impressed the fans so much they still talk about his skills on online forums. The actor who played the role, Luke Roberts, is set to be a part of another big franchise, this time it is the DCEU.

According to several rumours and a picture shared by the actor himself back in 2020, Roberts is set to play the late Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce Wayne, in the upcoming Batman remake film The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. Have a look right below:

The post, which was shared on Dec. 17, 2020, features Roberts reading the graphic novel Batman: Sins of the Father, a miniseries based on the adventure game Batman: The Telltale Series. The caption describes it as “last-minute character research in my trailer.” Though he says he has signed an NDA, this is a very subtle hint, and we might get a more detailed look into Thomas Wayne’s life that hasn’t been covered much in Batman films so far.

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