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Game of Thrones fan asked Kristian Nairn to “hold the door” and it was awkward



Game of Thrones fan asked Kristian Nairn to "hold the door"

Game of Thrones season 6 episode 5, The Door has become one of the most talked about episode in this season and it’s not hard to guess why. It was a tragic episode in which we came to know about the origin of Hodor and also witnessed him sacrificing his life to protect Bran Stark and Meera Reed.

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This was totally unexpected and the fans were shocked after watching the scene. Some even compared it to the Red Wedding, in terms of the shock factor. Naturally, the phrase “hold the door” has become extremely popular since the episode aired.

Now we have come across a video where a Game of Thrones fan recreated the tragic Hodor scene in real life with Kristian Nairn himself! YouTube user Turps has uploaded a video in which he called out for Kristian Nairn to hold the elevator door, after a screening of the movie Warcraft.

In the video, Turps is talking about the Warcraft movie and all of a sudden he starts asking a person to hold the door and when he turns the camera, we come to know that he’s saying it to Kristian Nairn and Kristian does not seemed to be pleased.

This is what Turps had to say about the entire incident:

Just left the Warcraft movie screening. Loved it! Had to rush out and nearly missed out on the last elevator, luckily someone held the door for me….Thanks to Kristian ‘Hodor’ Nairn for being such a legend!


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