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Game Of Thrones Death Pool by Wiki Of Thrones



In order to make the final season more interesting, we have created a Game Of Thrones Death Pool for you and your friends. Now you can test your deduction skills every week before the episode airs and guess which characters are going to live and die and by the end of the final episode we will find out which fan wins the Death Pool and becomes the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

How to participate

  1. Every week before the episode airs, make a prediction whether a character lives or dies.
  2. Share it with your friends to see who manages to get the most number of correct answers.
  3. Once the episode is over, check the leaderboard and submit predictions for the next episode.

Get Started

Disclaimer: Wiki Of Thrones Death Pool is an un-official fan website and we are not associated with HBO, Game Of Thrones or any of it’s associated brands.