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Game of Thrones battleground: Here are the winners and losers of season 7 episode 1, “Dragonstone”



We are starting a new segment where we shall judge the major characters of Game of Thrones on their performance per episode. The judging criteria shall be based on whether they are successful or unsuccessful in their respective expeditions and their individual endeavours.

So moving on with our first episode this season, Dragonstone. Let the fight begin:

Arya Stark

Helen Sloan/HBO

Arya started the season with a kick. The badass panache of the assassin Arya was absolutely jaw dropping. She successfully managed to kill all of the house Frey in a neat and remarkable fashion. Ten points to her on that. Next on, while she bumps into Lannister soldiers on her way, shares supper with them, states her intentions of killing Cersei loud and clear, and none of the soldiers are able to identify her as an assassin. Thus she lives upto her reputation of being an assassin and ‘no one.’ Full marks on that. She clearly stands a winner.

Night King

We did see some extension in the horde of the dead and it included Giant wights. Big upgrade. Good one on that Mr. Night King. Five starts on that. But the day was not entirely about you. Was it? Well, Sammy boy has found (though only in the books) the location of a mountain of Dragonglass beneath Dragonstone. Although mining Dragonglass is a long way down the road, anyhow, few negative points on that front. Still you manage to keep it on a positive side. So, yes victory for Walkers and the Night King.

Jon Snow

All hail the King in the North. He manages to convince his subjects on matters of war against Walkers and other issues such as passing on the castles of Last Hearth and Karhold to its original inhabitants. Despite these winning points, there were some drawbacks for him as well. He faced some serious opposition and discontent from Sansa. His continuous negligence of Sansa on matters of administration has made Sansa slightly dissenting towards him, and the point is that it has started to show. As of now, we know nothing but if a rebellion comes to Jon at this early stage of his reign and that too from his own sister, it would not be good for him.

Also his stubborn honourable attitude which is same as that of his Father (in reality his uncle) has made us worry about him a little. So overall, in my view, the episode was even for him. I wont hit it a victory for him, nor strike it down as a defeat.

Sansa Stark


After Jon as we move on to his cousin. We find no significant rise in Sansa’s position or influence in the latest episode. She continues to be undermined by Jon in matters of administration and warfare strategies. Negative points all over. Although Sansa did impress us for a moment by shielding herself from Littlefinger’s enchanted spell. However, that blow would not be fatal enough to sign victory letters for Sansa. So, I am disappointed to say, but Sansa stands a loser as far as ‘Dragonstone’ is concerned.

Cersei Lannister

Photo: Helen Sloan

Cersei did not start her seventh season as weakly as I had expected her to. In the season premiere she didn’t have the upper-hand. Jaimie is still rallied to her side, although a little less than he used to be. She has organised her Queensguard. Owing to her confidence,there should be little surprise, if some new secret weapon is being developed in her armoury. But that is for the future. Currently she is about to make a tentative pact with Euron. The Iron Fleet will be a big boost to her strength. Coming to her losses this episode, there were not many of that either. Her acknowledgement to be surrounded by enemies on all fronts is clearly one. But that could bring positives for her, if she strategizes on them. Daenerys and her fleet landing on Dragonstone is also a back hand for her. I believe, her character also showed initial symbols of blasphemy. Before long we might see her turning into mad queen. So this also might be a negative for her. However on a overall basis, I believe Cersie registered a win(at least for the first episode.)

Euron Greyjoy

The wannabe Ramsay fails to convince Cersei for now. Or did he? Well he did manage to charm us with his confidence though. The promise to return to King’s Landing with a gift for Cersei shows us that he is resolute. Cunningness was all dropping off him and the way he threatened Jaime. Oooohh it was deadly.

The guy has his plans made up. But most of all, what hits the winning stroke for him was exhibition of his massive Iron Fleet. As much as I personally hate this guy, I would have to admit that the episode was a big winner for him.

For most of his part, Tarly boy was seen cleaning shit, vomit, weighing human organs and being turned down for all his request for permission to restricted area of library. So, Sam would have been standing a loser, until he wasn’t. Yes, discovering the mountain of Dragonglass did the trick for him. BAMM. Sammy wins.

Petyr Baelish

Probably the only major character in this episode who could not take a single step uphill. The charm of Baelish was missing throughout the episode. He is known for making his presence noted, but in Dragonstone, he completely failed to do so. He tried to influence Sansa, but Sansa turning him down also created some negative points for him. Rare day of failure for Littlefinger, but as it happens, we witness Baelish to lose out on the day.

Hound and the BrotherhoodWithout Banners


The role of Brotherhood Without Banners has been scattered throughout the series. Now as the series is getting close to its climax, we are getting a clear picture about what they are supposed to do. They indeed will be playing a major part in the wars against the Walkers. Thus on their expedition of theirs, they seem to have discovered the movement of White Walkers in flames, as depicted in dragonstone. That was indeed a win for them. We also got it substantiated that the Hound has joined the Brotherhood which is a strong and powerful addition to their cause. So, overall I believe they are on the winning side in Dragonstone.

Daenerys Targaryen


Dany is the last contender we shall be bringing into the battleground. Her segment of the episode was the showstopper, and also she brings to us the castle of Dragonstone, after which the episode was named.Hands down on that. With just one dialogue in the entire chapter “Shall we begin”, she wins heart. She occupies her ancestral seat, radiates her power and strength and also gives a kick to her mission to claim the Iron Throne. All, with just one scene and a single line. Simply wow. Undoubtedly, she stands a clear conqueror over here.

So, this was the first of the battleground series for Game of Thrones by Wiki of Thrones. Many a characters like, Tyrion, Jaime and Bran were not discussed. Clearly Dragonstone episode did not have enough content for them to make it to the battleground. Hopefully, in next episode we might find them getting more significant content over their voyage so that they make it to the battleground.

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