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Fans are losing their minds over the tiny detail about Longclaw in the latest Game of Thrones episode



The latest Game of Thrones episode was a real shocker and we are sure that the fans must have screamed and even cried after watching the Night King kill one of Daenerys’ dragons and that’s not it, he even turned Viserion into a Wight! Things are not looking good for the living as the White Walkers have become more powerful after this episode and unless everyone keeps aside their differences and works together, there’s no way that the White Walkers can be defeated.

However, amidst all the action and hysteria surrounding the death of a dragon, there were some fans who were shocked to see the scene involving Jon Snow’s Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw and that’s because it appears as if the sword opens it’s eyes during the scene! Yes you read it correctly. Take a look at the two images below:

As you can see, the moment Jon Snow managed to come out of the icy lake, the colour of Longclaw’s eyes changed and the fans just couldn’t believe their eyes. Many people were wondering if Bran warged into the sword and some suggested that the sword is alive and it woke up.

However, I don’t believe in any of these theories that are being circulated online. If you look carefully, the colour of the eyes changes just as Jon Snow emerges from the water and he splashes water just as his hands hit the surface. So it’s likely that some of the water hits the eyes of the sword and that gives us an appearance of the eyes opening.

We should keep in mind that the eyes of the sword are made up of a transparent piece of crystal and it will change colour if there’s some reflection or some water droplets fall on it. The part about Bran warging into Longclaw seems ridiculous to me as it serves no real purpose. The sword is already a Valyrian steel sword and it’s good enough for killing the White Walkers. Plus, you can only warg into living things.

I think that this was deliberately done by the director to shock the fans who were careful enough to notice the detail and it might be symbolic, as Jon Snow cheated death once again and came back. So in short, he came back to life and the sword’s eyes changing colour just gives us an impression that it woke up or became alive.

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