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Fans are happy that Game of Thrones has finally given Bran Stark a much needed upgrade



Game of Thrones has had quite a lot of characters that have suffered over an unfortunate turn of events, but only a few have lived through them. One of the characters that has magically survived the cruel world of Game of Thrones, is Bran Stark, despite having had almost fallen to his death at the beginning of the show, and having lost the ability to use his legs. After a long, long wait, Bran was finally shown to have a wheelchair, in the latest Season 7 trailer, and the fans couldn’t be happier. Read on!

The latest Game of Thrones trailer just dropped, and we saw a lot of new things happening, and one of the biggest things we saw was a change to Bran Stark. Bran was thrown off from the top of a tower by Jaime Lannister back in Season 1 when he caught Jaime and Cersei in the middle of their incestuous intercourse. Since then, Bran has not been able to fly. As he set out on his adventures, he had been shown being carried by Hodor, or on a sled, and fans had been waiting for the little Stark to get some independence, and looks like Season 7 will bring him some. Check out the still from the latest episode, down below :

Now, the last we saw Bran was with Meera Reed, after Hodor died trying to protect him. Him being in a wheelchair could mean that he is finally back in Winterfell, because there is no other way he could have acquired a wheelchair for himself. Speculations aside, the fandom just seems happy too see him finally get some independent mobility :

i’m crying y’all bran stark has a freaking WHEELCHAIR

— ً (@zatannnazatara) June 21, 2017

someone finally built a wheelchair for bran

— Nick Summers (@nisummers) June 21, 2017


— azucena (@nerdypidge) June 21, 2017

Wrote about the new Game of Thrones trailer. Mostly I’m just happy someone got my dude Bran a new wheelchair.

— Brian Grubb (@briancgrubb) June 21, 2017

I’m just happy someone got poor Bran a wheelchair #WinterIsHere

— Pumpkin. (@sabdullahh_) June 22, 2017

The only thing I learned from the new @GameOfThrones trailer: Bran finally gets a fucking wheelchair this season

— Allison Eyres (@allisoneyres) June 22, 2017

So it looks like Bran Stark will be back home soon. That puts one big question in front of us, when will Bran reveal Jon Snow‘s true parentage to him? We could not be more excited! What about you? Talk to us in the comments, below!


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