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Dark Horse’s new medieval fantasy graphic novel is a tribute to Game of Thrones




Comic books own a massive fandom today, thanks to the various TV and movie adaptations we’ve seen in the past few decades. The superhero genre practically rules the entertainment industry right now, prime examples being MCU and DCEU. Dark Horse comics have acquired a significant presence in Hollywood as well, with films like Hellboy and the Spawn. Being one of the most famous comic book franchises in the world, they are launching a new medieval fantasy graphic novel series, which will take inspiration from various famous literary works such as the Game of Thrones and Lord of The Rings.

Winds of Numa Sera is an upcoming graphic novel series by writers Morgan Rosenblum and Jonny Handler (Treadwater) and drawn by an amazing team of artists that includes Eduard Petrovich (X-Men, Spider-Man), Filipe Andrade (The Many Deaths of Laila Starr), Eduardo Mello (Batman: Crack the Case), Alessio Moroni (Zombicide: Day One), and Valentina Taddeo (Star Wars Adventures). The graphic novels are set in the land of Ethera, where the Empire of Numa Sera recently lost its ruler. With the crown up for grabs, the legitimate heir, princess Lelia, will have to deal with conspirators, rival nations, intrigue, and much more.


Rosenblum revealed in an interview with Newsarama how they came up with the idea of making a medieval-styled fantasy graphic novel, “We mapped out an extensive series bible that spans four volumes, before we ever started writing a script. We imagined new races, and even created a new religion with its own bible. The level of detail that went into the world-building and character development for this story is on the level of The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. And yes, we fully realize the gravity of that statement.”

Dark Horse is known for its mature content, so we can expect some blood and gore action similar to Game of Thrones. Do you think this ambitious project will rival the likes of Game of Thrones? Talk to us in the comments below!

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