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Characters will have to face White Walkers along with each other in this final season



By Rahul Jadhav

Empire Magazine recently had an interview with the important people concerned with the upcoming season 8 of Game of Thrones as they seek to do a full 21-page spread on the show before the season premiere on the 14th of April 2014.

They spoke to the likes of VFX supervisor Sven Martin who talked about how much the Dragons had grown all the way back from Season 2. He mentioned the growth in their size as if the dragons were his own children and not the children of Daenerys. He further talked about how he got the inspiration to animate dragons and it involved pretending to be one.

“One scale on the chest of the dragon in season 7 is the size of the whole baby dragon in season 2,” said the supervisor reminiscently. “Sometimes we play the dragon ourselves to get the right idea of how they throw themselves around. That kind of acting connection with these dragons, it feels even more personal.”

While that may seem childlike to most, that is how artists with a flair of eccentricity get their inspiration. When asked about what to expect from the latest season this time around, he simply teased that “This year, we have a very special sequence.”

Another person of importance who was interviewed was David Nutter who caused every fan to live a part of their lives in depression with the Red Wedding and also directed three of the six episodes in the final season of the show. He simply said that the final season will be “spectacular, inspiring, satisfying with lots of surprises and shocking moments.” However, he did have one vital clue to add to the fray.

“The remaining characters won’t only have White Walkers to deal with.” said the Director. “They also have to face each other as well.” And he simply left it at that.

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This coming from an official source discredits the beautifully thought out fan theory that is currently going viral on Reddit. However, we don’t know anything for sure yet. All truth shall be revealed when the final season of the epic saga airs this April.


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