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Aegon’s army chills with Hightowers in new House of the Dragon behind-the-scenes photos



House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel show, had a tragic ending to its first season last year. Fans and critics have praised the show’s casting, costumes, and atmosphere, and let’s face it: the actors and crew are deserving of praise. The Hightowers will take part in a huge fight, according to the most current information from the Season 2 set.

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Aegon’s army is ready to take charge

The Green army has been gathering up on the set of House of the Dragon for the last couple of days in and around Aldershot and Bourne Woods to film a couple of war scenes. A few snaps provided by Redanian Intelligence show the actors portraying the knights of the Green army and the Hightowers resting after shooting a scene.

Battle equipment piled up on the set of House of the Dragon

HBO has already wrapped up filming for the majority of Season 2 of House of the Dragon. The Battle of Gullet, which will shortly occur in Season 2, is well known, and it now looks that another action scene is now being filmed near Aldershot and Bourne Woods in Surrey.

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