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A Spanish man leaked the plot of every Game of Thrones episode and it gave HBO nightmares



May 13th, 5:32pm May 13th, 5:38pm Rashmi Bagri22 year old. Law student. Cancerian. Epicure. Unicorn and mermaid believer. Doing this for my love for dragons and Khaleesi. Oh, And Jon. And Tyrion. And Cersei. And always remember, there is no justice in this world unless we make it.

Game of Thrones is one show where it is very difficult to avoid the spoilers. Earlier it used to be the book readers who used to give spoilers and now there are some people who manage to get their hands on the episode details before it airs to give spoilers. And HBO and the production is doing best to prevent that. But there are still some mischievous sources who are hell bent on getting whatever information they can and pass it on.

A man called Jose Senaris, who goes by the name ‘Spanish Spoiler’ has been uploading videos on his YouTube channel about the show which reveals all the important details, exactly two days before the actual episode is aired by HBO.

Nothing about these videos is merely prediction since every single thing said in these videos for season 6 has come true and thus, it can implied that this man has an inside source helping him get information. Senaris has been posting the videos on his YouTube channel in Spanish and they get translated and posted on the Free Folk subreddit. The FreeFolk subreddit is an open and unmoderated subreddit which allows it’s users to post spoilers, leaks and other content which isn’t allowed on the other popular Game of Thrones subreddit.

HBO has been aware of this and it filed DMCA claims of copyright infringement and made sure that the videos were taken down from YouTube on copyright grounds but even then the video summary got posted on reddit before the videos were taken down by YouTube.

Once the videos were taken down, Jose Senaris posted about it on Reddit asking for advice. Many people believed that YouTube was wrong in taking down the videos as they did not contain any content from the episodes. Few people also commented that the YouTube system was broken and that YouTube always sides with the accuser, even if they are making repeated false claims. Finally Senaris filed an appeal and YouTube restored his videos. This is what he posted on Reddit.

Hi everyone! YouTube has analyzed my counter notifications, has decided that the claims against me were invalid, and also have removed the strikes from my account. So basically, freedom of speech has ben restored! Thanks everyone for your support!

This is a big setback for HBO as the YouTube decision to restore the videos meant that they had no valid claim to take down the videos and it also means that Senaris can continue posting these predictions. However, he seems to have changed his mind and in an email to Tech Insider he talked about putting an end to the spoilers.

I just have one thing to say: no more predictions in my channel. Just chapter and teaser analyses, like every other fan channel. So now that the clips that were taken down are restored, HBO has nothing to worry about. I never thought that a really small channel like mine would gather so much attention, and I’m really overwhelmed.

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It seems for the time being HBO doesn’t have to worry about episode details getting leaked few days before they air but who knows, if the Frikidoctor changes his decision and posts another video. The next Game of Thrones episode airs this Sunday and it’s titled Book of the Stranger.

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