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9 details you might have missed in Game of Thrones season 6 episode 9: Battle of the Bastards



Everyone will agree that Game of Thrones season 6 episode 9, Battle of the Bastards was one of the most epic episode on the show. It was the best battle that we have seen on the show and can easily rival the battles that we see in movies. Game of Thrones is known for it’s massive 9th episodes and they didn’t disappoint us this time. Even though we didn’t visit many places in this episode, there were lot of things that were happening. The show decided to focus only on Meereen and Winterfell, where the battle took place and there were many details that you might have missed while watching the episode. So, here we are, back with another Game of Details post.

1. Another Wildfire reference

The episode started with the Masters continuing their attack on Meereen, and Daenerys and Tyrion were contemplating their next move. Tyrion had to tell Daenerys that her plan reminded him of her father, the Mad King and he gave her a small history lesson telling her what her father intended to do. Tyrion told here that there were caches of wildfire hidden under the Red Keep, The Sept of Baelor and other places in King’s Landing.

Game of Thrones is constantly reminding us about Wildfire this season, be it Bran’s vision about an explosion or Jaime talking about Cersei burning cities to the ground, and it just points towards the Mad Queen theory. In the next episode, we are going to see Cersei’s trial which will be held in the Sept of Baelor and we were reminded by Tyrion that there are caches of Wildfire below the sept. So there is a good chance that we might get to see Cersei doing something big in the season finale.

2. Tyrion was bit harsh on Theon, and his doublestandards

When Theon and Yara reached Meereen, they met an angry Tyrion who reminded Theon how he had treated him badly when he visited Winterfell. He talked about how Theon joked about his height. However, when you check the episode from season 1, you will find out that things were completely opposite and it was Tyrion who behaved badly. He suggested that Robb Stark was Theon’s master, told him that the Stark’s were his captors and said that his loyalty to his captors was touching and more things. Only when Tyrion repeatedly insulted Theon, did Theon call him an Imp, which doesn’t seem to be as harsh as the things that Tyrion had spoken.

That’s not the only thing. If Tyrion felt so bad about people joking about his height, he should also be careful about what he said to other people. Take an example of Lord Varys. In the season 6 premiere, he said the following to Varys, “It’s a good thing that you are a boy no more. Because you have no cock.” Now that’s what I call doublestandards.

3. Jon Snow and Grey Worm say the same thing

While talking with their opponents, Jon Snow and Grey Worm had very similar things to say. Jon Snow told Ramsay, “Will your men fight for you when they hear you refused to fight for them.

While Grey Worm had this to say to the soldiers: “Fight and die for the Masters, who would never fight and die for you.”

4. Brienne and Tormund love to bite

During the battle, Tormund went against Smalljon Umber and things seemed to be going badly for Tormund and then he bit off a chunk off Smalljon. Brienne did the same thing when she fought against the Hound. It looks like they have a lot in common and fans would definitely love to see them together.

5. The Mhysa connection

Jon Snow and his army was almost defeated by Ramsay and then Jon almost died when he was trampled by the Wildlings who started running away from the Bolton soldiers. At that moment, Jon decided that he wanted to live and he pulled himself out and took a breath of fresh air. This scene is a callback to the season 3 finale, Mhysa.

The scenes have been shot similarly and Daenerys’s scene has been given a warm colour indicating Fire, while the scene involving Jon has a cold colour tone, which is associated with Ice. The books are a part of A Song of Ice and Fire series and it sure seems that Jon and Daenerys represent the Ice and Fire.

6. The parallel between the army of Vale and Stannis’ forces

In the episode, when all hope seemed lost, Petyr Baelish arrived with the army of the Vale, who crushed Ramsay’s forces and turned the battle upside down.

This is similar to what had happened in season 4 episode 10, when Stannis’ army arrived on time and saved the Night’s Watch from the Wildling army.

7. Lyanna Mormont saved Jon Snow’s life

When Lyanna Mormont pledged 62 of her soldiers for the battle against the Boltons, many people laughed at it as it seemed to be an insignificant number. However, by the end of the battle, it turned out that it was becaos of one of her 62 soldiers that Jon Snow was alive. When Jon Snow entered Winterfell, Ramsay attacked him thrice by shooting arrows at him. Luckily for Jon, he was able to find a shield close to him, which he picked up and blocked the arrows. It turns out that Jon had picked up a shield belonging to House Mormont.

8. Bolton family line has been extinguished

The Boltons had betrayed the Starks and Roose Bolton was named the Warned of the North and it seemed that the bad guys were winning. However, season 6 changed the situation completely. First Ramsay made sure that he killed his father, so that he could become the Warden on the North and then he killed Lady Walda and his step-brother, so that there would be no one who could make claims. Unfortunately, that meant that he was the last surviving Bolton. When Sansa let his hungry hounds on him, she made sure that with him even the Bolton family-line was dead.

9. Melisandre’s visions in the flame were correct

After the death of Stannis, Melisandre was demoralised and she started doubting her visions. She was sure that Stannis was Azor Ahai but after his death, she started doubting what she saw in the flames. Following are some of the things that she had said after looking at the visions in the flames.

“I saw [Jon] in the flames, fighting at Winterfell.”

“I have seen myself walk along the battlements of Winterfell. I have seen the flayed man banners lowered to the ground.”

Turns out that her visions are still accurate.

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